Down South – Del Rio Vineyards Pinot Noir

For our first vacation in many moons, Jon and I headed down to southern Oregon to visit Crater Lake and the Rogue River Valley.  Our first day was a long, long drive.  It was made even longer by Jon’s periodic outbursts about the traffic.  UGH.

So, by the time we got down to Medford and checked into the Medford Red Lion, I was completely pooped and ready for a glass of wine.  We went to Safeway and decided to try out a local Pinot Noir, the Del Rio Vineyards 2009 vintage.  The nose is very mild, and doesn’t have much of what I think is the typical Pinot Noir pickle smell.  The taste is very light, with a soft light mouthfeel as well.  I find the taste to be like ripe blackberry, with a hint of Bing cherry.  There was none of the tartness that Pinot Noirs usually have.  Jon says it is more of a French style Pinot.  When we do more tasting in this region, I’ll find out if this is a regional distinction, or just this particular wine.

We both really enjoyed this wine, will certainly get it again.  Jon says, and I quote, “it was delicious… I slurped my tongue on it.”  He said this in a robot voice, by the way.  I’m not sure what that means, but what’s new?

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