Dobbes Family Estate – Still a Winner

The other night, Jon and I opened a bottle of the 2006 Dobbes Family Estate Syrah.  Dobbes is a Willamette Valley winery that specializes in Pinot Noir.  Their winemaker also has a second label wine called Wine by Joe.  We first visited Dobbes Family Estate in November 2009, on our first Willamette Valley wine tour.  It is located right on Highway 99, and it is a rarity in the world of Willamette Valley wineries, in that it is open until 6 pm.  It was our last stop of the day, and kind of an impulse stop.  The tasting room is accessed after walking through a little Japanese style garden and over a little bridge.  It gives the front of the winery a nice ambience, but I couldn’t help but wonder how tricky that bridge would be to navigate for my 93 year old grandmother.  She doesn’t drink anyway, but I’m sure there are other people with limited mobility who might want to go tasting.  I bet that little bridge gets pretty slick in the winter too (this is probably coming from being responsible for the corporate safety program for too many years).  You should probably ignore any further safety comments coming from me.

So the inside of the tasting room is very spacious, and there is plenty of room at the bar.  At this point, I don’t remember exactly what we tasted, but I do remember the standouts weren’t the Pinots.  It was this Syrah.  It is a balanced fruity Syrah, not heavily oaked, one that Jon and I can agree on.  When I saw that he had pulled it out the other night, I wondered if I would still like it, since it was one that we chose very early into our Willamette Valley experience.  Upon tasting it again, I realized I should trust myself more.  I do choose good wine.  And when we are down there in a couple of weeks, I hope we find the Dobbes Family Estate Syrah again, because I will buy another bottle. 

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