World Travel Map

Always a work in progress, but this should fill you in on where I’ve been and where I want to go!  Blue is where I’ve been, and green is where I want to go!  Red is where I’ve lived!




7 thoughts on “World Travel Map

    • Facebook has an app called Where I’ve Been. You can add all the places you been, lived and want to go – it colors them for you. Then when I finish updating my map, I use the windows snipping tool to cut it out and save it as a jpeg file, so I can upload it on here. The app is supereasy, but I had to do a little digging to figure out how to snip it and save it as a jpeg. Thanks for stopping by!

    • You are most welcome to! However, if you find out how to make a map, please let me know! I did it originally with a Facebook app (details are in the comments I think) but they have since discontinued the app. I haven’t found a new way to do it. Camille

  1. I note with chagrin that Switzerland is not green on your map!! It’s one of the most beautiful countries on the planet (if I do say so myself)! The Alps are breathtaking, the lakes majestic, history under every rock, and the geology is amazing… Just sayin’ 😉

    • It is no slight to Switzerland. Sadly they discontinued the app that I used to make the map, so I wasn’t able to finish it or update it with new places I have visited or want to visit! Switzerland is definitely on the list – it looks beautiful!

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