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Our Inaugural Address

I have toyed with the idea of having a blog for awhile now.  A blog where I can share my love of history and my love of wine.  And I’ll throw in a bit of whatever random stuff is on my mind too.  I don’t think I can be one of those bloggers who sticks to one topic – I just have too many things on my mind!  My husband and I recently set off on our married life journey, and I am hoping to have a lifetime of travels combining our love of each other, travel, history and wine (and some beer too).  And a few cats and a horse too – although I don’t share my wine with them.  We hope you will enjoy, and share your passions with us.

Hello world!

Welcome!  I’m Camille, a newlywed, in my mid-thirties who gets to share a love of history, fine wine and travel with my true love.  We married on June 26, 2010, and we look forward to a lifetime of shared experiences.  We hope that you will enjoy them with us.  Jon has a thing for reds, along with the French and Indian Wars, and I prefer whites, and the Civil War.  We both agree on a good bottle of Pinot Noir and World War II history.

I decided to blog about our life and travels to let others share our adventures, and to create a record of our wine tastings, travels and just life in general.  We are typically planning our next vacation, and dreaming about where we want to go.  We argue about how many Civil War battlefields are reasonable to see in one vacation (I’m going to win out on this one one day).  And I’m just now getting Jon to leave that second glass for me when we open a good bottle of wine.  I branch out into the more mundane side of life from time to time, on pets (I have 3 cats and a horse!), family and home life.  Unfortunately, we can’t be traveling all the time!  I imagine you will get a true sense of all my passions, and I hope you enjoy my blog.