The White Dove

In the past I have blogged about the grave of Sergeant Tuttle at Andersonville National Cemetery, site of the Civil War Confederate POW camp. I was reminded of it a few weeks ago in a conversation with a friend, and want to share it again here.


Tuttle’s grave is significant at Andersonville, for his gravestone is adorned with a white stone dove. It is the only grave in the cemetery that contains more than the simple, uniform marble markers that are placed at each burial. It is a mystery who placed the dove there, and nobody knows when, but it is clear that someone dearly loved this man.


Since I learned about it several years ago, it has always struck me as a timeless story of deep and enduring love. Someone so devoted to a kind and generous man; the kind of love that we all aspire to achieve. I know nothing of the man Tuttle was, but I imagine him to be selfless and kind, generous in heart and spirit, humble and loving. In my mind, he was a man who was deserving of someone’s undying love.


I hope you all, dear readers, give and receive that kind of love. The world would be a better place if we all lived with that in mind.



2 thoughts on “The White Dove

  1. When I go to a memorial service and words are spoken about the kind deeds that the deceased did for so many others (often without anyone knowing it until they passed away) I am humbled and hope that is the way I will be remembered. Your white dove story reminds me of that lovely thought, thank you.

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