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There’s Smoke in My Glass – Yamhill Valley Pinot Noir

A couple of evenings ago, I cracked open a bottle of the 2009 Yamhill Valley Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir.  I picked this bottle up on my May trip to Portland at the local Safeway.  May is Oregon wine month, and they all sorts of specials at the Safeway, so I took the opportunity to try some Oregon wines that I haven’t sampled before.

This wine is a bit darker in color that the typical Pinot Noir, with a distinct smoky nose.  When I say distinct – I mean the smoky nose in this bottle could reach a hand over and knock you down.  The flavor of the wine is bold and powerful, with strong notes of tobacco, earth and more smoke.  Jon’s eyes lit up when he tasted it, because he thought it was so smoky that I wouldn’t like it.  He gets excited about the prospect of more for him when he likes a wine.

Yamhill Valley Vineyards 2009 Estate Pinot Noir

Yamhill Valley Vineyards 2009 Estate Pinot Noir

I drank it over a couple of nights, and it held up nicely.  The smoke flavor did soften quite a bit on the second evening, but it was still very evident.  Overall, this wine was good, but not amazing.  It will certainly appeal to people who like a bold, robust Pinot Noir.  Connoisseurs  who flavor a more delicate, cherry flavored Pinot won’t like this wine as much.  But, given the price (I believe it was $14.99), you can’t go wrong.