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Drying Out…

It’s been a stretch…  It was dry yesterday, and the National Weather Service is predicting it will be dry through Tuesday.  That is the longest stretch of dry weather in the Pacific Northwest since late November.

My city got 7.02 inches of precipitation in January, and had 27 of 31 days with measurable precipitation.  Another 2.74 inches of rain have fallen since the beginning of February.  Other places around the Pacific Northwest have had it worse.  Widespread flooding has wiped out roads, bridges and homes all over Washington and Oregon.  Trails are underwater.  Avalanche risk is through the roof.

A mudslide closed the freeway south of town for more than a day last weekend, and there were long delays for commuters as they only had one lane open for a few more days after that.  Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to head through there that day; I usually do.  Friday night’s rain was so heavy I slowed down to 40 on the freeway!  It’s a mess around here.

Thankfully I’m ok, as is my family, but I feel for all the people who have been displaced, and are facing huge cleanup costs to recover from the flooding.  They have declared a state of emergency in many areas.

I’m grateful for the dry days coming up, so the rivers and floodwaters can recede, and the slopes can stabilize.  Plus I need more days to get outside; my walk yesterday morning was beautiful!


So Happy for Saturday

Words cannot express how happy I am that its the weekend!  It was my first week back in the office after my surgery, and it ended up being a super-stressful week.  On top of that, I ended up with a stomach flu type bug starting on Tuesday that I’m still fighting.

The rain and wind has caused major flooding around the Pacific Northwest, which also meant road closures, horrid commutes and hydroplaning.  I am just plain worn out!

Last night I dreamt that I had won an all inclusive resort vacation to Fiji.  I’ve never really considered myself an all inclusive resort type person, but lying on a sunny beach does sound pretty good about now!  In my dream, it looked something like this…

Photo credit: Yahoo images

I’m hoping to have some energy to get some blog posts written, but first, a nap!

Mi Vida Loca Photo Series, 7

Life has a way of catching up with you sometimes, and getting crazy busy and a bit overwhelming. So while I devote some attention to it over the next few weeks, I am going to share a few photos of the adventures over the last several months that I haven’t had a chance to post about.



Wine on the porch of the National Park Inn, Girl’s Weekend, Mount Rainier, February 2018