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Since I sold my house in June, my personal life has been more relaxed.  I’ve been resting in my free time, reading, going for walks with friends, checking out some art fairs and going to the beach to look for agates on occasion.

What I haven’t done is go on vacation, because work has been insanity.  And believe me, it’s a lot of work drama.  I’m pretty bummed, because it directly affects me and my staff, and I am in dire need of some time away.  So until that settles down, I’m just trying to enjoy my time off, and ride out the work drama.  This too shall pass at some point, one way or another.

It’s been 4 years since my big road trip, and the memories popping up on Facebook are really making me want to be back out on another trip.  It’s rough!  We are halfway through the summer, and I’m hoping that I can make a vacation happen before the rest of the summer slips away.

I’m thankful that my health has been stable, and I have not had any more symptoms.  I’m still hoping that I will have answers soon.

Today I took a walk with a friend, and we ended up getting lunch at the harbor, and then finding a new little taproom down near the waterfront.  Beer and Books!  It’s like they know me!  I should clarify that they also serve ciders and wines.  We chatted with the owner and so far the books are just a few titles related to beer, cider and wine.  He is going to see how it goes before expanding the books.  I’m hoping this catches on! 

It was such a beautiful day and my walk stretched out into walking a friend’s dog too, so I certainly got my steps in today!  Wish me luck for my Monday workday!


COVID Diaries: Day 592

It was a beautiful, sunny weekend, but boy was it cold!

Cora and I snuggled in for some TV watching on Friday night – we watched the 20/20 show on Gabby Petito’s disappearance and murder.  Such a sad story. 

I finished my book for my book club meeting that’s in a couple of weeks, and started the book for next time! 

I went for a couple of hikes in the mornings, just at a local park in town that has a few miles of hiking trails.  It was a good workout, and a nice relaxing time.  I also took a walk down at the waterfront and met some friends for a late lunch.  We even saw a Great Blue Heron relaxing in the sunshine!  Don’t worry, his wing was fine.

I swept all the currently accumulated leaves off my deck, and filled up most of my yard waste toter.  And I did a bit of purging in the closet and drawers, collecting a large shopping bag of shorts and pants to go to Goodwill.  I’ve been having trouble getting motivated to purge stuff, but I was happy that I managed to get some done.  So I feel decently productive.

Time to gear up for the work week, and the arrival of November!  I’m definitely not ready for winter.

COVID Diaries: Day 199

Well lookie there, we are almost at 200 days of this “new normal.” Blech.

I went clothes shopping in the new normal last night. Which consisted of me buying four pairs of jeans, taking them over to my friend’s house, which is closer to the store, trying them all on, and returning the other three to the store. Someone please tell me how this makes sense.

It has made for some quiet weekends and busy work weeks. I did have a great little day trip over to the island with a few girlfriends on the last weekend of summer. The boat ride was incredible, the weather was perfect, and we had fun poking around in shops and laughing so hard we cried. We even saw porpoises from the boat! Girlfriends are the best.

Then the weather turned to fall with a vengeance. High winds and heavy rain for several days. Fun. It did clear out the smoke though! In the last couple of days the smoke has closed in again, but not to the same degree. There’s hope that it will go away starting tomorrow. It irritates my eyes and my throat…

I’m definitely not ready for winter. With everything being so messed up this year, it feels like we shouldn’t even have to count it! We should get to skip winter and start in the spring! It seems like a good idea to me, but I doubt I’m going to be able to get this plan off the ground.

At least it is the weekend!