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Powers 2016 Rosé of Malbec

I purchased this wine when I stopped at the Thorpe Fruit Stand on my way home from Yakima this last May.  I had a business meeting combined with a conference, so I was on the road a week, and my visit to Thorpe was a nice treat on the long drive home.  I decided to get the Powers 2016 Rosé of Malbec without knowing anything about it – at $14 it was worth the risk on what could be a great wine!

It is made from 100% Malbec from the Alice Vineyard, Wahluke Slope.  The skins were pressed off the juice after 6 hours of cold soak contact in the traditional method of making Rosé, and it was aged in stainless steel for four months.   It packs a kick at 13% ABV and was released on February 1, 2016.

The tasting notes for the wine say, “a sensory garden of layered aromas of fresh rose petals and strawberry, rhubarb, and hints of jasmine and lemon rind on the nose, this Rosé explodes on the palate with springtime flavors. Fresh balanced essence of watermelon and strawberry, lime zest and rhubarb, this wine is very lively with a great balance of acidity on the finish.”

I opened it last night and paired it with salmon rubbed with a Meyer lemon balsamic vinegar rub, asparagus and sweet potato fries.

Powers 2016 Rosé of Malbec, Wahluke Slop

I definitely picked up the floral nose, along with quite a bit of watermelon on the palate.  It is a delicious wine that will I enjoy even though the weather is turning crisp and cold.

Girls Weekend 2015: Chelan Saturday

The second morning of our Girl’s Weekend, we planned for a relatively lazy day. The girls wanted to revisit a winery we had been to the previous year, and go shopping downtown, and that was pretty much the extent of the plan. I think we all kind of planned to sleep in, but it didn’t really happen that way. I was up at about 7, unable to sleep any more – that’s what happens when you share rooms right?!

We got ready and walked to the main drag of Chelan to check out some of the shops. The kitchen shop is always a big hit, as well as Bear Foods Natural Market. There we got some cheeses, fruits and crackers for an appetizer later in the day (we are good at planning ahead!).

We checked out The Black Dog Frame Shop; it has a mix of vintage items with shabby chic and vintage-look new items – one of those places that make you think you would totally redecorate your whole house if only you had the time and money. True to its name, it also has a framing business, and lots of neat posters and artwork. I found a vintage look tablecloth with a whimsical map of the United States in bold, primary colors for my mom. Best find of the weekend!

We got lunch at Chelan Teriyaki, a tiny place just off the main street. You build your own teriyaki meal here. You can have traditional teriyaki or a plate with yakisoba noodles, and you choose your protein and sauce. It is served with a fresh, house-made Asian slaw that we all enjoyed. They also make their own infused waters which are free with your meal. Delicious!

Chicken Yakisoba at Chelan Teriyaki - Delicious!

Chicken Yakisoba at Chelan Teriyaki – Delicious!

After lunch, we picked up the car and headed out to Hard Row to Hoe Winery. We had visited the previous year and had a great time, so all of us wanted to go back. The place was lively, with a Bachelorette party group right next to us.

I know I’m getting old, because these ladies, in their early 20s, were all dressed in matching super tight short shorts and tie dyed tank tops with lots of cleavage popping out. Even in my younger years, I would not have felt comfortable in that! But, to each their own.

The four of us at Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards. Aren't we cute!

The four of us at Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards. Aren’t we cute!

After the tasting, we each purchased a glass of wine and went outside to enjoy it on the patio. We relaxed in the sunshine and had more girl talk! But we didn’t want to stay too long, because the lake was calling us!

A year ago, when we all went for Girls Weekend, the weather was pretty cold, and the lake level was really low. This year, it was much warmer, so we headed back to the suite and changed into swimsuits, made a snack tray of cheese, crackers, fruit and chocolate and grabbed our girly magazines and headed to the lakeshore. We soaked up the sun and did quizzes on, “What style lover are you?” and “What is your perfect swimsuit?”

There was also some lively discussion, fueled by wine of course, about obligations to society, how much money is enough, and what is the appropriate age to retire (I said 33, but I’m behind!). It was wonderful having the opportunity to just relax, with no agenda, no timeline, and no dishwasher to unload. Pure bliss. We stayed until the sun was sinking lower and the temperature threatened to fall enough to force us to put on shorts.

After sunning ourselves – we got dressed and headed over to Maki Sushi, one of our favorite restaurants in Chelan. As usual, it was phenomenal. We split an order of lumpia, and each got some sushi rolls for dinner. Angela and Renee split some sake, but Allysa and I stuck with wine. Divine. Angela wasn’t ready to go home yet, so we headed over to the Mexican restaurant for margaritas – I switched to tea at that point – I think a margarita would have done me in!

The Dragon Roll at Maki Sushi

The Dragon Roll at Maki Sushi

With all that, we still were back in the suite about 9:30 or 10 pm, and watched a cheesy movie about love in the Napa Wine Country during the Second World War.

Renee got mad at me because I was making fun of the cheese – but seriously – the ending was super-cheesy! Think dancing/fanning the grape vines with butterfly wings in one scene and another obligatory scene with the hot guy with no shirt, smeared with soot, ripping the charred grape vine from the earth with his bare hands… If that doesn’t make a girl swoon, I don’t know what would – HA! I can’t remember the title though – it starred Keanu Reeves.

But despite the cheese, all in all, it was another great day…

Glacial Lake Missoula: 2011 Gamay Noir

Tonight Jon cracked open the Glacial Lake Missoula 2011 Gamay Noir.  It is the first vintage of this Gamay Noir, which is sourced from Rebecca’s Vineyard in Southern Oregon.

Glacial Lake Missoula is located in Blaine, Washington, near home.  This local winery produces small batch wines, sourcing from some of the best vineyards in Washington and Oregon.  The 2011 Gamay Noir is sourced from Rebecca’s Vineyard in the Umpqua Valley, in southern Oregon.  The higher temperatures make for a more robust wine than the grapes from the Willamette Valley further north.

The wine has a ripe blackberry nose, and is fruit forward with flavors of blackberry and cherry.  It has very low tannins and a mellow acidity.  It was made by bleeding off 25% of the juice, and aging the rest for eight months in new French Oak Hogsheads.

This is a drink now wine, so enjoy!

Syncline 2010 Carignan Grenache

After the Thanksgiving gluttony yesterday, Jon and I had a light dinner tonight leftovers, paired with the Syncline 2010 Carignan Grenache blend.  Syncline is a Washington winery, located along the Columbia River Gorge along the border with Oregon.  They are family owned, and they purchase their fruit from some of the best vineyards in Eastern Washington.

This wine is made with fruit sourced from the McKinley Springs Vineyard.  The blend is 64% Carignan, and 36% Grenache, with a clear, dark, garnet color.  On the nose, I picked up quite a bit of blackberry and light tobacco.  However, this wine is light and fruity when you drink it, rather than having big, tannic, tobacco flavors.  There are medium tannins with flavors of blackberry and fresh plums.  It is a nicely balanced wine that everybody can enjoy.

Syncline Carignan Grenache - Same Wine, Different Year

Syncline Carignan Grenache – Same Wine, Different Year

I’m sure this wine is long ago sold out, as there were only 220 cases produced, and the blend varies from year to year, but you can’t go wrong with any of Syncline’s wines.  I wrote about our visit to the winery here, and if you have a chance to visit or try their wines, I would certainly recommend them.