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COVID Diaries: Day 617, Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe that we are doing another edition of COVID Thanksgiving.  But still, I’m trying to remain thankful.

Mass this morning was about choosing gratitude, peace and joy, even when it is difficult to do.  I do try, but sometimes it sure is hard!

One of my employees did a gratitude moment each day with her toddler daughter, and the kiddo is very thankful for many of the best things in life, including cheese, outside, animals and pasta.  So I’m sure we can all take a page from her book.  I’m thankful for my employees too, as they make the crazy work life more enjoyable.

Yellow has discovered the joys of sleeping on the bed.  It only took him six months!  He has jumped up two nights now, and learned that Cora doesn’t chase him away.  He gets purring up a storm, he’s so happy.  And then he conks out and sleeps for hours.

Mom and I have been watching a Gilmore Girls marathon on television.  I loved that show back in college, and I still enjoy the witty banter and intelligent writing.  It’s such a great show!

I’ve gotten a lot of reading time in, including my current read about the Pilgrims.  Seems relevant for Thanksgiving.

The weather this year doesn’t give much to be thankful for.  After last week’s flooding, we got a few days of sun, but now we are back to a weekend of rain and wind.  Meh…  So I will focus on the fact that “the darkening” will only last for 26 more days, and then the days will begin to get longer.

I’m able to work from home two days a week, which is awesome!  I have every other Friday off anyway, so this works out to five commutes in two weeks.  It’s a nice balance of in-office and work from home time.  Next week at work, they will be considering approving that for another year, so fingers crossed!

Since travel still hasn’t returned, I have been saving my vacation time, and boosting my savings.  It’s bringing me closer to my early retirement goals.  I keep reminding myself that this is only temporary, and soon enough, I’ll be back on the road sightseeing, and the stress of the workdays will melt away.  And gas prices are hopefully going to be lower by then too!

I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful, grateful day of Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Cheers!


COVID Diaries: Day 242

Just like that, starting tomorrow at midnight, we are locked down again…

No more:

  • Indoor gatherings
  • Indoor dining
  • Museums
  • Bowling
  • Indoor zoos
  • And… No Thanksgiving outside of your own house…

That’s all well and good if you have a family at home, but what a draconian measure for those who live alone…  I know an awful lot of people who live alone, even if you don’t, everybody has COVID fatigue.  Let me just say, I’m thinking there are going to be an awful lot of covert Thanksgivings this year…  Happy holidays!




Happy Thanksgiving

I’m ready for a quiet Thanksgiving, reflecting on what I’m thankful for.  I made the long drive yesterday, so my keys are resting in my pocket, and my blue Honda, Viaje, is parked outside, having done his duty once again to transport me safely.

I’m thankful for family and friends who love me and whom I love with all my heart.

I’m thankful for a healthy work environment.

I’m thankful that I’m generally healthy and have no risk factors for my upcoming surgery.

I’m thankful for all the delicious food and wine I have to eat and drink.

I’m thankful for the snow storm that was over by the time I had to drive through where it had been!

I hope all of you enjoy your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate.  Hold your loved ones close and appreciate the blessings of the season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Tomorrow is that day of days, where we Americans stuff ourselves silly with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, wine and the aptly named stuffing.  If you are truly serious about this free for all of gluttony, you wear your fat pants…

I snapped this pic of some wild turkeys at the campground where I stayed in Cape Ann, Massachusetts.  I liked the framing of the dirty, cobwebbed bathroom window…  Art is everywhere.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Now make sure you are ready – go find your fat pants!

Turkey Window



I hope you are all reading this after spending a day filled with family and friends, good food, and of course, fabulous wine.  Before everyone arrives, I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on everything I am thankful for.

1.  Family – I am blessed to have a wonderful family filled with people who love me for who I am.  And I won the in-law lottery – I scored an amazing second family of people who are warm and caring and fun.  And then there is Jon; I can always count on him to steal the first sip out of any glass of wine he pours me, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.  He’s a wonderful husband!  Enough said.

2.  Coworkers – Spending 45 hours a week of your life with someone could drive you crazy, but fortunately, I am blessed with an amazing group of people to work with.  They are the smartest, most grounded, and funniest ladies I could ever hope to be surrounding by.  We get things done, but we don’t forget that work without some fun is just plain tedious.

3.  Animals – My fur-babies make me happy.  I love seeing them first thing when I wake up and last thing before I go to bed.  And I love their different personalities; from Ollie wanting to snuggle to Oscar who begs for pets in the kitchen.  And then there’s Biz, who might not be the smartest horse, but his antics have kept me busy all these years.

4.  Home – I consider myself lucky to live where I do.  The scenery is gorgeous, my commute is nothing, and I find nature right in my backyard.  The land is green, the weather is mild, and we can afford a good quality of life.

5.  Opportunity – My parents taught me that I could be anything I wanted and do anything I set my mind to.  I took that to heart, got an education, and set about on a career path that I love.  But in my spare time, I have had the opportunity to travel and see this great Nation and parts of this beautiful world.  I treasure the experiences that I have had, and always look forward to more.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  I hope you have joy, and that your hearts are as full of blessings as mine.


A Quiet Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here, and the weather is absolutely crummy. Due to the terrible summer that we had, I’m heading into winter more pale than I’ve been in a long time. By the time the sun arrives again next spring, I’m sure I’ll look downright sickly (I already sort-of do). A nasty windstorm hit on Monday night in our area, making it really tough to sleep, as I’m not used to the sounds our new home makes, and every crash or bang made me wonder if a tree was going to fall, or a piece of the house was falling off. The home did just fine, which makes me feel a bit better as we head into another windstorm that is scheduled to hit tonight and tomorrow. It will be very wet, windy Thanksgiving. I’m perfectly happy to be staying home eating turkey and drinking wine.

This year Jon and I decided to stay home and forego the family Thanksgivings. After the turmoil of the last few months, and the exhaustion of moving, we are looking forward to having a quiet long weekend to finish unpacking, relax, and spend some time with just the two of us. I’m sure next year we will be back at the family weekend, but this year we just need some time to recharge.

I’m looking forward to getting things more organized and situated. And doing some reading and doing a puzzle and watching movies (as soon as I find that box of DVDs). You know, all the things that you do with your time off when you aren’t buying a new house and moving! I’m looking forward to having that life back! I do have a huge mountain of laundry to fold and put away (moving makes a lot of laundry…). And Jon said we could go and do some antiquing! Some time over the weekend hunting around in antique stores will do me good. With lunch and some hot chocolate in a little café, sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!