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Finally spring…

I swear, it has been the coldest, rainiest, gloomiest spring in the Pacific Northwest.  I heard somewhere that it has actually been the crummiest spring since 1990.

This weekend was actually the first weekend where the weather was sunny and nice enough for shorts!  I needed this!

This last week I have had a bit more time to spend with friends.  A week ago, I went to a cocktail and food pairing tasting at a local restaurant with my friend Shelley.  There were seven courses of mini-cocktails, paired with delicious food!  It was a bit of a splurge, but it was so much fun!

Then Wednesday night was steak night with Jena and Audrey – so delicious and great conversation!

And Friday, I got together with Shelley, Tiffany, Toni, Danielle and Barb!  Six of us for great conversations and amazing Italian food.  It was definitely more social outings than I have had in a week for quite awhile.  It was much needed.

Then I topped it off with morning walks on both days, and Mom and I went to the matinee showing of Downton Abbey today!  Wonderful movie – they did a great job with it!  What a great week!

Hood Canal 2017: Lazy Day

Day 1, Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fourth of July weekend, I went down for the long weekend to the Hood Canal on the Olympic Peninsula.  I drove down Saturday morning, with a plan to meet Brent and potentially do some hiking that day.  Several more friends were going to be coming and going all weekend.  Once I got there, Brent and I went to the grocery store, and then the idea of just hanging out in the sun on the deck took over…   Joel, Brandon and Brandon’s daughter met us there too, and we all just had a relaxing day chatting in the sunshine.

A gorgeous day on the Canal

I made and enjoyed a drink that I was treated to in the same place the year before, a wine spritzer made with citrus Vodka, New Age Torrontes wine, the juice of a fresh squeezed lime, and ice.  This, my friends, is the only time it is acceptable to put ice in your wine…  This is a fabulous summer cocktail!  It was warm and sunny, there were cocktails… Enough said…  I even took a nap in the warm sunshine!

Later in the afternoon, we went down to the beach at low tide and picked some oysters for dinner.  Dinner that evening was amazing – oysters on the BBQ, burgers, brats and salad… YUM!!!  I mean, when the food is simple and made while laughing with friends, you have the best meal ever…  I was so happy and lazy that I really took hardly any photos that day, and the ones taken of me are me in a bikini top and shorts, and this is just not that kind of blog…  Of course, just this one cropped photo, because the reflection in my sunglasses is of the book I was reading – which is just so typical of me.

Me, sun, and my nose in a book…

What a wonderful lazy day!

The fading light in a stylized photo