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The Egg and the Equinox

I came out of my office this morning to get a cup of tea, and found several of my coworkers gathered around the counter in the kitchen area with an egg.  A raw egg – because it has to be raw.  When they saw the puzzled look on my face, one of them quickly explained that since today is the spring equinox, the stars and planets align just right so that it makes it possible to balance an egg on its end.  According to these elusive egg balancers, the egg must be balanced right at the time of the spring equinox; which occurred at 9:45 am PST this year.

It was 9:42, and a crowd was amassing.  Would this feat of egg balancing succeed?  Was it an urban legend?  Would the egg roll off the counter and drop on the carpet and crack?  So many questions!  Not the least of which is why we have carpet in our kitchen area…

Egg balancing proceeded in earnest at 9:44 am.  We HR people like to start things on time, so we were ready.  Renée was doing the honors, and we all watched intently as the egg rolled over time and time again.  We wondered if maybe egg balancing was simply an impossible feat.

Then KayCee emerged from her office and announced that she was an expert egg balancer.  She balanced the egg on her second try.  At 9:45 am.  The rest of us were impressed – we cheered!  A visiting employee announced that he thought our department was way more fun than his own.  Cell phone photos were taken.

An Egg - Balanced

An Egg – Balanced

Angela called her husband to tell him of our super-human feat, after which he promptly burst into a fit of laughter.  Then he leveled with her.  Egg balancing can be accomplished at any time during the year…  The spring equinox holds no special power over eggs…

We didn’t tell the rest of the onlookers.  Some things should just be innocently enjoyed…

Happy First Day of Spring!  Did you know that you could balance an egg on any old day of the year?  Have you ever tried?