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COVID Diaries: Day 65

It’s the weekend!  I have a four-day weekend this weekend, due to my work schedule, which is awesome, but the staying at home part is not as awesome.  Originally, in life-before-COVID days, I was supposed to be taking a long weekend trip, but I guess you folks will just have to put up with me instead.

Other than that, I’ll just be reading, writing, cleaning, organizing, doing yard work and hopefully doing a hike or two.  I have been watching the Channel Islands National Park, Georgia Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams when I need a little relaxation.  I swear when this is all over, I’m going to travel every weekend for weeks and never get tired of it!

I put on jeans this week. The kind of denim that isn’t super-stretchy even, and I was so excited that they aren’t tight!  I have felt like I’ve been doing pretty well staying in shape, because I have been taking long walks most evenings and being really good about getting my steps in, but jeans were a test.  I passed!  It was literally the first time I have worn real pants since March 23.

Yesterday after work my friend Shelley and I went for a long walk on a different route than we normally take.  We checked out the old Georgia Pacific property in town; it is finally being redeveloped.  The Port purchased the property in January 2005, and some of GP’s operations there continued until 2007, when GP finally closed for good.  Political infighting left the redevelopment languishing for years after that.  In the last three years or so, it has finally gotten moving, with old buildings being demolished, and roads, a bike pump track and a park being built.  One old building has been redeveloped, but is currently closed due to COVID.  In the years to come, additional mixed use buildings will be built and old GP buildings converted, a combination of light industrial, retail and residential space.  I love that they have saved some of the old industrial features of the site, and they stand proudly as architectural salvage and a reminder of the history of our city.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and remember those who fought and died for our freedoms.


COVID Diaries: Day 60

The weekend had some ups and downs.

Friday morning I received some very sad news and it has been weighing heavily on me.  So when I got a call from Lelani asking me over for a patio dinner, I accepted.  We sat outside and enjoyed a sunny spring evening, talking and catching up in a way that is always impossible with a device.  We talked about all the places we will go once the world reopens.  We talked about road-tripping, and a vacation to Europe, and a trip to Kauai.  We will have to see which comes first!  I also really want to do an outdoor painting for my deck like the ones she and her daughter did!

Saturday morning I went hiking on the Chanterelle Trail in town, despite the threatening rain.  The sprinkles went largely unnoticed underneath the tree canopy, and I got my workout in with a 4.8 mile hike with a 1,000 foot elevation gain and a pretty view of the lake.  The switchbacks make the elevation gain manageable, and it felt great to be back out on the trail.  It was my first hike since COVID began, and it was sorely needed.  I even wore the new hiking pants I got a few months ago and hadn’t had an opportunity to try out yet.

The rest of Saturday was pretty lazy, but I made progress on my puzzle!  And read my book.  Cora has been “helping” with my puzzle, which basically means laying on strategic parts of it so I have to work somewhere else.  And then grabbing pieces to play with.  It isn’t as if she gets no attention!  Since I took the photos below, I have done quite a bit more!

Today was supposed to rain all day, but surprisingly the early morning showers cleared up for a nice, sunny afternoon.  I mowed the lawn and did a bit of yard work – the grass grows quickly this time of year!

Back to work tomorrow!  I even need to go into work for real too; my Surface has been having some trouble with freezing up, so our fantastic IT folks have configured a new one for me.  It will be a brief visit, but it will be the first time I have purchased gas since March…


COVID Diaries, Day 20

I’ve been sad the last couple of days.  Sad about all the people dying, sad that I can’t see my friends and my family, sad about all the people who have lost their jobs, sad about all the people who just don’t get it, and even sad about all the people who think it’s their job in life to publicly shame the people who just don’t get it.  As if that’s going to make them get it.

I’m sad about my horse too.  I’m mostly ok, but then I think about a memory, and lose it all over again.  30 years is a long, long time…

Yesterday after my very first remote, video-conference public Board meeting (surprise! no one from the public “attended”), I still had time to walk up to the now empty university campus to watch the sunset.  The perks of working from home.  Hearing the birds chirp, and the seagulls squawking and seeing the sun going down over the bay, as it does every night, made me feel better.