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The Spins

Your body has a way of deciding that it has had enough.  My everyday world is jam packed, and I don’t really have time to be sick.  Sometimes I think adrenaline carries me through some of my busiest weeks.

I truly believe that sometimes a break in the jam packed routine lets my body finally take over and succumb to whatever illness is trying to take hold.  So, since I have a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday, I of course, woke up this morning with a sinus infection.

There’s nothing like some severe vertigo and all day dizziness to force you to slow down to a crawl and rest.  I have spent my day watching a few movies and falling asleep on the couch.  Good thing I wasn’t planning to do any Black Friday shopping!

I did manage to snap a few photos of my Mount Shasta view.

Anatomy of a Cold

I’ve had a lot of colds this year. Not sure why. I started a new job almost a year ago, so some might argue that there is a certain amount of stress associated with that. Or new people with different germs to spread around. I’ve also had quite a bit of stress, because Jon and I decided to sell our starter home and buy a new house in August, so we went through that process for several months. I thought that since things have finally settled down, I could get back to my normal “don’t get sick very often” life. It seems a certain rhinovirus had other plans.

This Monday, I thought I was getting another sinus infection (I’ve been struggling with those a lot lately too). I had a headache in my forehead, and my face around my eyes hurt, and I was exhausted. You know, all the typical sinus symptoms. Monday was a holiday, so I spent a pretty lazy day, did some shopping and lunch with my mom, raked some leaves in the yard, folded clothes – a pretty typical weekend.

Tuesday I went to work feeling crappy. I was really stuffy – couldn’t breathe, still had the sinus headache in a bad way. I managed to make it through the day, but was pretty useless after I got home. Wednesday brought a change, in the way of the sniffly-sneezies! My personal favorite! Thank god it is the week after Christmas and it was a really quiet week. I sniffly-sneezed my way through the day, hiding out in my office, counting the minutes until I could go home at 5 o’clock. Then Thursday I was a bit drier, with the sneezies mostly tapered off. It didn’t hurt that I took massive amounts of cold medicine to help dry me out. The exhaustion still hung on with me, unfortunately.

On Friday… the progression marched on. I got the cough! What a treat!  I was playing in a soccer tournament and worried that I was going to explode into fits of coughing on the field (I agreed to play before I got sick – which was crazy even then – but that’s a post for another day).  Fortunately my cold was under control while I was running around the field (perhaps the sweating and heavy breathing did me some good!)

Now, Saturday – the cough is still lingering, but I can mostly taste things again!  That means I can enjoy some wine for New Year’s!  Jon just uncorked a bottle of champagne – we have to start celebrating early because there is no way I’ll be up at midnight!  I’m hoping for a Happy 2012 with more vacations and fewer illnesses!  Happy New Year everybody!

Wine vs. Beer and a Sinus Infection?

So, the last few days it has been storming and blowing like crazy, complete with sideways rain, downed limbs and power outages. March truly has come in like a lion this year. My friend Shelley and I decided to participate in the Runnin’ O the Green 2 mile fun walk, and of course, it rained the whole time. Since a 2 mile walk really isn’t much for us, my husband dropped us off, we walked the race, and then also walked the 3 miles home afterwards. Which wouldn’t have been bad at all, except for the fact that I’m fighting a bad sinus infection, and have been feeling really fatigued for the last week or so. By the time I got home, I was soaked and thoroughly tuckered out, so I took a shower and got warm, then crawled into bed for an hour nap. Then I got up, had some lunch, puttered around for awhile, and decided it was time for another nap. It was exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, all that napping doesn’t really free up much time for doing anything exciting. Sunday I was much improved, and only had to take one nap. Granted, I did sleep in until 9:30 am, but I blame that on Daylight Savings time.

Which leads me to what I have discovered is the other crummy part of a sinus infection. My sense of smell and taste are totally whacked out. I have found my normally beloved wine to be not nearly as exciting lately. It got me wondering about how the professional tasters overcome this clearly critical occupational hazard. In short, what happens when the wine tasters get sick? Do they bow out of judging a competition, or do they taste anyway? You gotta wonder, because most of them seem to work independently, so if they don’t taste, they don’t get paid, right? That’s quite the incentive to stay in the middle of the action, even if you are sick. You don’t want to be the guy with the reputation of calling in sick to the International Wine Competition, do you? And if they do taste, how badly are the rankings skewed because of the judge’s compromised palate?

Back when I was first starting to drink wine (back before the turn of the century – 12 or 13 years ago!), I bought a bottle of Barefoot Wine – I think it was a Merlot, but it might have been a Cabernet. Well, back then I admit I bought based on labels –c’mon, you know you did it too – but also because the tag at the grocery store said that this wine had won some wine award. I can’t remember which award it was, but if I did, I would probably never buy wines that won that award. This Barefoot wine was a dog – YUCK! Thinking back, I wonder if maybe one of the judges for that competition had a sinus infection that day. Hey, who knows?

On a positive note, I also learned that beer doesn’t taste as funky as wine when I have a sinus infection. I’m not sure why this is, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that beer is bitter anyway, and that’s how everything tastes when you are sick. That’s my story, anyway…. So, Saturday night, I enjoyed a bottle of Alaskan Amber.

Clearly, I spend some of my time dreaming up some strange things to wonder about, but hey, I since I was thinking about it, I might as well share it with you.