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Just Give Me the Wine!

I’m clueless…

Jon and I went wine tasting today after I finished up at a conference.  As we bellied up to the bar and began our tasting, we noticed that something was going on.  The next couple down from us held some strange fascination for the tasting room staff.  They kept asking to take photos with them, and this gigantic, sparkly ring.  I thought they must be newlywed friends of the tasting room employees.

But more interesting, they were drinking wine out of champagne flutes.  So, of course… I asked what they were drinking!  Who cares about the people, I wanna know what wine they have!

As it turns out, the wine was a Pinot Grigio sparkling wine, and our server gave me a pour of it, even though it wasn’t on the tasting list.  It was delicious!  I was sold!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a sparkling wine made from Pinot Grigio, and this one was great; a dry sparkler with a hint of sweetness.

We finished up our tasting and purchased our wine (including the sparkler).  As we got into the car, Jon told me that the guy was a Seattle Seahawks football player; and the ring that was being passed around among the staff was his Superbowl ring.

Eh… whatever… I’m just glad it got me a taste of that fabulous wine!  I have priorities…  And don’t ask me which player it was; but Jon didn’t know either.

Happy Friday Everybody!

How the Seahawks Won the Superbowl – A Play by Play

Jon (with my blessing of course) went to go watch the Superbowl at his friend’s house.  They invited me, and the friend is actually a coworker of mine, but I was looking forward to hanging out at home.  That way, there is no pressure if I didn’t want to watch the game.  But here’s my play by play, in case you were interested in a recap from somebody who has next to no interest in football.

First Quarter

Wow, what a start!  The Seahawks somehow score 2 points right on the kickoff to Denver.  Something happened in the end zone – I wasn’t really paying attention because kickoffs are rarely that exciting.  I think they added a two point score since my days of actually understanding football (that would be in high school…).  Is this a new way of scoring?

So then the Seahawks had the ball and they made some plays, but they couldn’t quite get it all the way.  They managed to get a field goal too.  And then they got another (but honestly I can’t remember if that was the first quarter or the second).

My Facebook page kept lighting up with posts about Harvin!!!!  I guess this is a Seahawk who is hot stuff.  But he’s been injured and just got back.  He did manage to catch some good passes and get some yards.  Meanwhile, Oliver enjoyed a nice nap on my lap, while we quietly watched the football game.  Since Jon wasn’t home, the volume was much lower than the last game we watched.  Oliver really appreciated that.

Second Quarter

This quarter was dominated by an awesome interception by Malcom Smith (see, I really do know a little something about football).  This Seahawk caught one of Manning’s passes and then managed to run unimpeded all the way to the end zone for a touchdown!  That was pretty cool.

Other notable first half random thoughts:

  • No injuries, yay!
  • Some Bronco named Kingston has quite a large butt
  • Richard Sherman has received no mention at all – maybe he’s really not all that and a bag of chips after all…

Half Time Show

I had no idea who Bruno Mars was.  He looked a Little Richard impersonator.  I did recognize his second song though, so I guess I learned something today.  And the Red Hot Chili Peppers were good.  I’m getting old…

Third Quarter

The quarter began with a play that even I can immediately recognize as amazing.  Percy Harvin caught the kick and squeaked by everybody for an 87 yard run and touchdown!  Oh my…  The look on Manning’s face was priceless.  My Facebook feed is lit up again.  Richard Sherman got his first mention for getting close to catching one of Manning’s passes.  Oliver barely woke up for any of this.  He is snuggled in for the long haul…

While waiting to find out if Sherman got injured during a play, I see the best commercial of the game so far.  The one with the Doberman Chihuahua cross dog.  When his top heavy head made him face plant in his cone of shame – hilarious!  I guess you had to be there…  I guess Sherman wasn’t badly hurt.

I’m hungry – I suppose that is the downside of not going to a Superbowl Party.  No snacks.  Oliver does not agree to get up and go make me something.  The next Seahawks touchdown is a pass to Kearse – looks like a dance party out there with two different Broncos spinning him around before he gets loose and finishes his run.

The score is 36 – 0.  Wow.  I never expected to see a game that was so one-sided!  But then the Broncos got a nice touchdown with a pass to the end zone.  And a 2-Point Conversion.  They are finally on the board.

Fourth Quarter

The beating continues with a touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Baldwin – I can’t believe that I’m getting the names down.  The announcers have given up on Denver, basically already calling the win for Seattle.  And they still haven’t played the Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdale and the puppy.  That’s the one I’ve been waiting for!

Oliver continues his nap.  He must be dreaming of something good, because his little paws are twitching up a storm.

And with two minutes left of the game – the Clydesdale and the puppy!  So cute!  Watch it here.

And that’s it!  That’s how the Seattle Seahawks won their First Superbowl!  And the fireworks begin outside my window – Oliver is wide awake now.  He hates fireworks…

The Seahawks Win: As Portrayed by a Non-Sports Fan

I am not a sports fan.  I never turn on a game, and only occassionally watch a game when Jon is watching.  And surprisingly, for as big a fan as Jon is, he really doesn’t watch much either.  So as it happens, I only watched maybe two partial Seahawks games all season.  Even though I am aware that our local team has been doing really well this year.  So in tribute to team spirit, I thought I would post about the game from my perspective.  Enjoy…

3:40 pm – Jon told me that the game started at 3:30, and then he went out for a run.  Despicable Me 2 just finished, so I turned off the DVD player and discovered the Post-Game Show on TV.  I watched for awhile, and they were all talking about the Seahawks.  I thought, maybe Jon got the time wrong and the game is over?  Very confusing.

3:50 pm – Jon comes home and I ask if he maybe got the time wrong.  He takes the remote and and turns the channel.  Apparently the Post-Game Show was for some other game.  The Seahawks are playing the 49ers.  I of course, don’t recognize their uniforms because they are so dark blue.  I was expecting the lighter blue and silver of the 1980s uniforms, since that is probably the last time I really watched a game.  I should know this, because people have been wearing dark blue and lime green all week – old memories die hard, I guess.

1st Quarter – The Seahawks are behind with a score of 0-3.  Jon is disgusted.  He decides the Seahawks are going to lose, so he turns off the TV and goes to take a nap.

3rd Quarter – Out of some weird curiosity, I turn the TV back on.  The Seahawks are still losing 13-17.  I half pay attention and the Seahawks managed to score a touchdown while I’m not looking.  Then they get a field goal.  I am always impressed by those field goal kickers.  If I were a football player, maybe I would be a kicker.  Less likely to get squashed that way.

Jon wakes up and comes downstairs.  I tell him that the Seahawks are now in the lead.  I’m not sure if he was more shocked by that, or by the fact that I was actually watching the game.

Then there was a play with a dropped ball, a big dogpile, and a 49ers guy who will be lucky to walk again.  I had to look away when they played the replay and you watched his leg bend in a way that it was never meant to.  UGH.  I’m sure that knee will haunt me in my dreams.  Like a bad horror movie.  By the way, the Bell Witch Haunting was a really bad horror movie.  Don’t watch it.  They deserve to die, just for being so stupid.

4th Quarter – The ball changed hands a few times in a way that made Jon cringe, then cheer, then cringe again.  Or maybe the cheering came before the cringing.  I’m not sure.  I find the whole game confusing.  Plus I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I can’t really tell what’s going on.  It’s hard to see that little ball on the TV without my glasses.  I am getting old.  I miss my 20/20 vision.  I guess the 49ers almost got a touchdown.  And something about an interception.  And then a fumble.  Don’t quote me on all this – this is really just my perspective.

So now there are only about two and a half minutes left in the game, and the 49ers quarterback throws to the end zone.  Sherman (this is a Seahawk, just in case you are also not a football fan) jumps up and tips the ball away from the 49er guy and another Seahawks guy caught it.  I can’t remember that guy’s name.  Jon jumped out of his chair and started screaming and yelling.  Oliver was sitting on my lap, and was utterly terrified by the noise.  I tried to calm him down, but Oliver couldn’t take the yelling.  He ran away – I’m sure he went to hide under the bed.

Then Sherman grabbed that 49er guy’s ass – you know the guy who didn’t get to catch the ball.  I thought that in football you only grab your own teammates’ asses?  Why do they do this in football?  Do baseball players grab each other’s asses?  I’ve never seen anyone grab anybody’s ass after a half-marathon…  But I digress.  So then Sherman got into the other guy’s face, and the 49er guy pushed his face away.

I don’t support that kind of obnoxious behavior, from winners or losers.  Jon told me I should go easy on Sherman in this blog post, but there’s no reason for that kind of behavior.  I hope the coach gives him a dressing down…  Jon did tell me that Sherman got a 10 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.  I still don’t think it’s right.

Then they dawdle around on the field for awhile, before announcing the Seahawks win.  This is why I don’t watch football – there is far too much dawdling…

In the post-game interview, Sherman antagonizes the 49er guy more, calling him a mediocre player.  He says MEDIOCRE twice and he puts the emphasis on the word, to clearly indicate that he is taunting the other guy.  Jon tells me that Sherman hates 49ers.  But still – there’s no reason for that.  Don’t be that guy – you won.  Win gracefully.  I REALLY hope the coach gives him a dressing down.

So that’s it, friends.  That’s how the home team made it to the Superbowl.  If you would like, I can provide my commentary on that iconic game in a few weeks!  By then, I might have even figured out who they are playing.  I do know it is the 48th Superbowl, so I should get some credit for that.  And don’t worry, once Jon stopped yelling, Oliver came out from under the bed…  GO BLUE!  (Or whatever we call them…)