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Faster Food If I Had Caught It Myself!

Fitting with the travel theme of this blog, I was at a conference with several coworkers last week getting “knowed up” on the latest and greatest in our profession. Thursday evening, we decided to get a more substantial dinner after the evening social. So we headed down further into downtown Yakima, Washington and happened upon Café Melange. It looked nice, and very upscale, so we decided to try it out.

When we arrived the restaurant was half full – there were about 9 tables in all. We were seated right away, and they brought us water and menus. And that’s when it started going downhill. Because then we sat. For over a half hour. The server explained once that she was getting caught up and would be right back over, but then we sat for a while after that. The two couples that came in and were seated after us got to order before us. After about a half hour, the server FINALLY took our order. We thought – “ok, we’re moving now!” But no, even though we only ordered appetizers, we were in for more waiting. Let’s put it this way, I probably could have left the restaurant, gone to the grocery store, bought all the ingredients, rustled up plates, utensils and a frying pan and hot plate at the hotel, and still had our appetizers prepared before the restaurant did. It took SOOO LONG! I’m glad Jon wasn’t there, because he would not have been able to handle it.

Once we got our food (after losing 5 pounds, I swear!), the appetizers were very good. I liked my crab cakes, although they were a little too spicy (they had jalapenos in them). The Caprese salad was good and the tapenade plate was good too. They each seemed a little high priced for what you get though (chalk it up to it being an upscale restaurant). After we were served, our server cheerfully asked us if it was worth the wait. It was certainly the wrong thing to say at that point – you should have seen the looks on our faces when she said it!

After we finished our appetizers, we had to wait for awhile for our server to stop flirting with the gangsta/hoodlums who had come in before she would come back to our table. All 5 of us had our credit cards neatly placed on the table beside our plates, yet she still asked if we wanted dessert! Several in our group had wanted dessert, but by then it was way past our bedtime, and if we had ordered dessert we probably would have been stuck there another hour and a half. Then after she ran the bills, she managed to drop the credit card slips all over the floor on her way back to the table. It was like the Hansel and Gretel trail of breadcrumbs!

All in all, we were there for over 2 hours, for appetizers and water. I don’t think I need to say that I’m sure none of us will be going there again. And if you are ever in Yakima, I would steer clear of Café Melange. Unless you are not hungry at all – then it might be a pretty cool place to hang out!