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Book Review: Girl, Stop Apologizing

I found this book on the library website; it was available and sounded interesting.  I didn’t know then quite how relevant it would be.

Rachel Hollis is a consultant and motivational speaker who has transitioned from a career as a wedding planner; her business empowers women to live their best lives, unapologetically.

Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals

As women, we feel the pull of competing priorities, the pressure and shame of not being enough, and the ideas about what others think we “should” be.  But why do we allow other people’s opinions to affect us so much?  Rachel speaks to women everywhere, encouraging them to follow their own dreams and let go of excuses and behaviors that do not serve.

She speaks of shaming and ways in which women are subtly and overtly discouraged from reaching for the stars, the struggle of raising children as a career minded woman, and the experience of not conforming to society’s expectations of women. She talks of her own experience, as a woman who, looking from the outside, appears to have it all.  She is honest and forthright about how family members and strangers alike have felt a right to weigh in on her choices and goals.

As a single, childless woman who has been very successful in my career, this resonates with me.  Not everyone in my life has been supportive of my dreams, and sometimes when you don’t meet the expectation that others have of you, the passive aggressive push back has been noticeable.  I have experienced the pain of having people in my life lash out against me for being successful, as if my success somehow hinders their own.  Perhaps my achievements are a reminder that they have not been living their own best life, and they only know how to pull someone down to their own level so they can feel less insecure – I’m merely speculating.  But my point is, and the book’s point is, why let somebody else dim your shine and keep you from reaching for your own goals?

Her message is clear.  Live your dreams, do what you need to do to make space for them, and be unapologetic about what they are.  You only get one life, so make sure that you live it wisely and without regret!

3 stars.