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Anne Amie Vineyards 2011 Marilyn Brut Rosé

Tonight I decided to open a good bottle, in celebration of…  Well, maybe we should celebrate the cooler weather!

The Anne Amie Vineyards 2011 Marilyn Brut Rosé comes from the Twelve Oaks Estate vineyard located in the Chehalem Mountains AVA. The Marilyn sparkling wine contains 100% Pinot Noir.

Anne Amie Vineyards 2011 Marilyn Brut Rosé - with a background of petunias and asters.

Anne Amie Vineyards 2011 Marilyn Brut Rosé – with a background of petunias and asters.

The wine has aromas of raspberry and flint, and on the palate opens up to flavors of strawberry and tart lime.  Tiny, delicate bubbles add some additional interest.

Jon and I first had this wine when we were down in the Willamette Valley for Valentine’s Day at Bubbles Fest, a sparkling wine event sponsored by Anne Amie.  With 11 different Oregon sparkling wine producers, chocolate, hazelnuts and oysters, this festival did not disappoint.  And neither does this wine!


The Crusher – What More Can I Say?

Let me just say, I wasn’t at a WWF match over the weekend, although with a wine named The Crusher, I can’t blame you for being confused.  I’ll explain.  On the day that Jon and I went down to see Gauguin at the Seattle Art Museum, we stopped at the Cost Plus World Market on the way home and perused their wine selection.  They sometimes have a better price on a wine we have had before and liked, and they carry a lot of California wine that we haven’t seen anywhere else.  The Crusher was one of those.

Of course, the first thing that catches your eyes is the name.  But the label is so nondescript!  I suppose if you have a knockout name like The Crusher, you have to tone down the rest of the label to be taken seriously.  I picked it up and saw that it is a Rose of Pinot Noir (one of my favorite grapes!) from vineyards in Clarksburg, produced by Don Sebastiani and Sons (who apparently also produce Smoking Loon, Pepperwood Grove, and several other brands I hadn’t heard of).  But at the $6.99 price point, I was willing to take a chance on an unknown.

We brought it home and it sat on the “everyday drinking wines” rack, and I opened it up last night with dinner.  When we first opened the bottle, the wine didn’t have much of a nose.  It was hard to get a sense of what it would taste like.  So we poured.  And swirled.  And sniffed again (still not much smell).  So we tasted.  My first reaction was… eh… not much there.  It was ok.  And I kept working on dinner and came back to the glass about ten minutes later.  Now I smelled just a hint of strawberry, with a tiny bit of smoky spice.  And the second taste was much improved. This is a good everyday wine.  It is very dry, which cuts off the lingering sweetness of the strawberry flavor.  My only complaint is that the finish is a teensy bitter.  But for $6.99, I would certainly buy it again when I see it around – but I’ll let it breathe for a little while before the first taste.

A great summer patio wine!

And this takes the cake.  This evening, day two of this bottle, I was sitting on the deck in the sunshine writing this blog post, when a hummingbird flew up and hovered about a foot from my face, and only about 2 inches from my glass of The Crusher Rose.  He was checking it out!  That was very neat to see.