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An English Bee

After a busy week, I am spending my evening editing photos for upcoming posts.  I came upon this photo of a bee on a flower, the day we visited the Cotswolds in the English countryside.

It made me smile.


Road Trip Photo Faves: Lighthouse

Here is another of my favorite photos from my trip.

This is the South Pierhead Light, in South Haven, Michigan.  It was built in 1872 and is still operational, including its above the pier catwalk that connects the light to shore.  My cousin and I visited on an afternoon trip in September, 2018.

Road Trip Photo Faves: Horses

Here is another of my favorite photos from my road trip.

It was cold, rainy, and oh-so-muddy (you can see a couple of errant rain drops on my camera lens) when I took this photograph of horses huddled outside the barn in the Fruita Rural Historic District, in Capitol Reef National Park.  I want to get back there on a better day for hiking.  And that pie, of course!

Road Trip Photo Faves: Bighorn Sheep

Here is another of my favorite photos from my road trip.

I was in Zion National Park in October looking for Bighorn Sheep, and I found them!  This young one looked so at home on his slick rock perch.



A long, hard week (and it is only half over!) called for a long walk with a girlfriend tonight, a late dinner, and no time to catch up on this blog.

Just a little playing with filters before I tumble into bed.

A cannon at Gettysburg, coupled with dreams of vacation.

Under the Weather…

I got home after being out of town for three days at a work meeting.  Unfortunately, I am not feeling well…  So, please enjoy this simple photo of jellyfish from the Georgia Aquarium until I’m feeling on the mend.

At least it’s the weekend; because I might be in bed for a while…

Atlanta Aquarium Jellyfish