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Wish I Could See the Tulips

So many of us are staying home, and let’s face it, it is sad that so many social events have been canceled.  It can get lonely…  A local pride and joy each spring, the Tulip Festival, will instead be beautiful blooms of millions of tulips, with very few people to see them.

Here’s a photo from the 2019 Tulip Festival, in case you need a little pick me up for your stay at home life…

Stay safe everybody!




These are interesting times.  In Washington, things are evolving rapidly, with the COVID-19 case count and death toll climbing every day.  Other than people apparently panic buying at the grocery store, nobody seems particularly worried.  Social distancing is the new buzzword of 2020 and us introverts finally don’t have to feel guilty about saying we don’t want to go out!

I’m working from home now, whenever possible, and have been busy trying to keep up with the new state and federal guidelines and legislation coming down everyday. I’m blessed that I’m able to easily work from home!  Nobody at my work has been diagnosed yet, but we’ve had a few scares.  It’s getting closer, and I’m sure it is just a matter of time.  I’m kind of exhausted.  I’ve written more policies in the last week than I have in a while.

California ordered a loose shelter in place for the whole state this evening.  I’m actually pretty surprised Washington hasn’t, since we have twice as many cases and four times as many deaths.  I’m not happy that I haven’t had plans to travel, but at least I don’t have anything to cancel!

And in spite of it all, spring sprung today in glorious fashion, shining down with a warm, sunny, gorgeous day.  The flowers are starting to bloom.  It’s clear I need to plant more narcissus.

Be safe everyone, and be kind.  Don’t hog all the toilet paper…