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Feeling Pious Tonight, so I Had Black Muscat!

We visited Piety Flats Winery on our Yakima wine tasting trip last year, and I really enjoyed their wines.  For more on our 2011 Yakima Valley trip…  At the time of our visit, we weren’t able to taste the Black Muscat because Piety Flats was sold out, but on the way home, when we stopped at the Thorp Fruit and Antique Stand, we found a bottle and purchased it.  It has been tucked away ever since.

I had never actually tried a Black Muscat, so I wasn’t sure what I was in for.  Black Muscat is one of more than a hundred types of Muscat grape, which are primarily used in table wines and dessert wines.  Due to the fact that there are so many types of Muscat grapes, it is believed that Muscat may be the oldest grape varietal.  And, interesting, it is also the grape that is used to distill Pisco, the liquor of choice in Chile and Peru (I never would have guessed that, because there is not any sweetness in Pisco!).

Upon pouring the 2008 Piety Flats Black Muscat into my glass, I was met with an aroma of strawberry and blackberry.  It has the color of a dark rose.  The nose lets you know to expect a sweetness at first taste.  The taste of this wine reminds me of the syrupy, sugary strawberries that are perfect on strawberry shortcake. Although it is certainly a sweet wine, it isn’t a dessert wine.

If you are looking for a sweet wine that doesn’t overpower, consider this one if you can find it.  It would be perfect on a hot summer day, paired with dark chocolate on the patio in the sunshine.  Can’t wait for summer!