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2008 Michael Florentino Miscolato

Tomorrow is Cabernet Day!  But tonight I’m not drinking a Cab.  For two reasons – Cab is not a favorite varietal of mine, and we are still working on the bottle that Jon opened last night.  It’s a red, at least, a blend, but it doesn’t even have any Cab in it.  I doubt I will drink Cabernet tomorrow either.  I’m a terrible follower of Cabernet Day, apparently…

Tonight, I’m drinking the 2008 Michael Florentino Miscolato Red Blend.  Michael Florentino is a small, boutique winery with a tasting room in the warehouse wine district in Woodinville – the first vintage was 2007.  They make wine with several grapes that are not frequently seen in this area, both as blended wines and single varietals.  Their approach is to create fruit forward wines with balanced tannins and light spice.  Right up my alley!

Michael Florentino - Their Labels Look Like This

Michael Florentino – Their Labels Look Like This

The Miscolato is blended with two thirds Grenache and the balance a mixture of Tempranillo, Syrah and Counoise.  It is a rich Bing Cherry color, and on the nose you get heavy aromas of earth and smoke (I didn’t really pick up any fruit on this one).  When you taste it, you get the same flavors of earth, smoke and a little spice, but it is balanced with the flavor of plums and black raspberry.  This wine packs a punch at 14.6% alcohol, but you don’t feel overwhelmed by the alcohol when you are drinking it.  I had mine after dinner, and the tannins are light enough and well balanced so you can drink it without food.

This was our only bottle, purchased at the 2013 Anacortes Wine Festival, but if you find your way down to Woodinville, they are certainly worth a visit.  Although sadly, you might not find the 2008 Miscolato, as they only produced 112 cases and I think they are already sold out.  But they have a Cabernet!

Michael Florentino Couniose

The other night, Jon and I decided to open a bottle of the Michael Florentino Couniose. Michael Florentino has a tasting room in Woodinville and we visited last September. I was drawn to the Couniose because it is a varietal that you hardly ever see – in fact I hadn’t heard of it before that day. This wine is delicious! It is a fairly strong, heavy red wine, but has enough fruit to balance it out. I guess it could be described as jammy, but in a good way. So often when you hear the word “jammy” lately, critics are using it to describe a wine that is all fruit with no structure. I love a big fruity wine with structure, and this one delivers. It doesn’t have the heavy oak that so frequently turns me off in a red wine. I would certainly return to this wine again, but you never know with the specialty varietals if the winemaker will make them a second year. Let’s hope they do.