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4 Chicks and a Little Bitch: On to Portland

Day 6, Saturday, March 31, 2018

A good chunk of the day was spent driving… I drove, Lelani drove, Laura drove…  Bleh…

Mount Shasta from the viewpoint

We did stop in Roseburg for lunch at the McMenamin’s Station Pub and Brewery.  It is located in a 1912 Southern Pacific Railroad depot, which ironically, had a “no booze” policy.  The depot is quite pretty inside, but we sat outside so we could have our lunch without worrying about Shaka.  I had the Chipotle Salad that was delicious, although a little spicy (I knew that going in, given the name…).  I also had the Ruby Ale – this is one of my favorite beers ever!!!

We still had a bit of driving to go before arriving in Portland and dropping off Laura, Brenna and Shaka at a friend’s house where they were going to stay the night.  I noticed that we were right near the Kennedy School, which is another of McMenamin’s properties, so I suggested we go there and see if they had a room.

McMenamin’s is a local Oregon company that purchases historic properties and renovates them for use as breweries, restaurants, and hotels.  They maintain the historic character of the property while making a fun, lively atmosphere for guests.  They brew their own beer, make their own wine, and even distill their own spirits.  They have several properties in Oregon and a couple now in Washington, and their business model seems to be working really well.  If you have a chance to visit one, you won’t be disappointed!

The Kennedy School is a 1915 elementary school that operated until 1976.

We inquired about a room and were delighted when we were told they had one room left!  It was a queen room in what used to be a classroom in the room.  It was so incredibly cool!  Although I have visited several of the McMenamin’s properties, including the Kennedy School, this is the first time I have had the chance to stay at one!

Our room at the Kennedy School


The bed at the Kennedy School

Lelani and I spent our evening having dinner at the restaurant, which was fabulous, and wandering around the school with cocktails.  The Kennedy School has 3 bars, and you don’t have to stay in the bar with your drink; you can wander the school at your leisure.  It also has a soaking pool (we were sad that we didn’t bring our swimsuits!), and a movie theater too.

In the morning we had breakfast, and I had a delicious mimosa.  I loved our stay at the Kennedy School!  Then we picked up two very hungover young ladies, and a happy dog and drove home…

It was such an amazing ending to a fantastic road trip!  Well, at least for Lelani and me – Laura and Brenna probably had a different opinion…  😉


Antiques Roadshow 2017: Portland

Friday, August 11-13, 2017

I have blogged about my hike through Ape Cave, which occurred on this trip, but I haven’t had a chance to tell you about the rest of the weekend trip to Antiques Roadshow last August!

My friend Shelley won tickets to Antiques Roadshow in the annual lottery that PBS does, and she was kind enough to take me!  We decided to take Friday off, make it a long weekend and stay a few nights in Portland.

We did the Ape Cave hike at Mount St. Helens on our drive down to Portland, stopped in Vancouver, WA for a pizza dinner at Bortolami’s – they had delicious pizza and good beers on tap!  Then we drove the last few miles and checked into the hotel after dinner for an early night, so we could get to the Roadshow first thing in the morning!

Saturday morning, we were up early and headed out, leaving Shelley’s son Jack sleeping at the hotel.  I knew how the process works, because I went in 2013, but it was interesting to see it again!  I won’t go into detail about how the event is staged, but if you want to check it out, you can see my description here.  Or rather, don’t “see” it, because they don’t allow photos inside, but at least read my description and imagine it.

Shelley and Me at Antiques Roadshow

Shelley brought a couple of items for a friend and the Antiques Roadshow people were pretty interested in a silver concho belt.  They took photos of it, had her sign a release, and she had to explain what she knew about it, how much she paid, etc.  And then they gave her a yellow lanyard that indicated that she had an “interesting” item.  It turns out that the belt was worth what the friend paid, but the appraiser loved seeing it, as it was apparently made by a famous southwest Native American artist.  It was also really neat to see part of the process!

I brought a set of prints by Alaskan artists.  They were a bank promotional back in the 1970s, so they are printed on regular paper and have the bank name on the border.  I didn’t pay a lot of money, but have never seen them any other time.  The appraiser hadn’t seen them before either, but appraised the value at about 5x what I paid.  I can’t retire, but that was pretty exciting!

I also brought a painting that belonged to my grandmother.  Sadly the appraiser wasn’t able to find any information on the artist.  It wasn’t worth big money, but obviously it has sentimental value for my family, so is priceless.

Shelley and I took some selfies to commemorate our visit, but in true Antiques Roadshow fashion, we weren’t there that long.  They run an efficient operation!

Shelley and Me at the Feedback Booth

After the roadshow, we headed back to the hotel to pick up Jack (and wake him up as it turned out!), and then headed down to Portland’s Saturday market.  This is such a great market!  I had what was probably the best gyro of my life at one of the food vendors there.  It was made to order (no onions please!) and so delicious!

The. BEST. Gyro!

We wandered around and I bought a couple of pairs of earrings; a blue blown glass pair with a helix inside, and a green stone pair, as well as a couple of gifts.  It is always nice to treat yourself and others!

After the market, we headed back to the hotel and spent a bit of time at the pool.  I do have to admit I took a little nap in my chair there.

That evening, we decided to go over to the Kennedy School.  The Kennedy School is a historic elementary school, that was built in 1916.  It closed in the 1970s and was eventually purchased by McMenamin’s, an Oregon based company that buys historic properties and converts them into brewpubs, restaurants, and hotels.  Their properties are all very unique and awesome, and the Kennedy School is no exception.  I had a steak, cobbler and a cider there and they were all soooo good!  I love that place!  Sorry about the quality of the photos – I clearly needed flash and didn’t notice at the time.



Sunday morning, we headed for home.  We had planned on stopping in Seattle at the Science Center to see the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit there, but when we looked online for tickets, they were already sold out until late in the afternoon!  Plan B was to stop in Everett at the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum.  What a fantastic place!  The museum has a number of rare and unusual planes and military vehicles of all sorts. It also has the X-Prize trophy, and a replica of the Fat Man and Little Boy atomic bombs.  There was so much to see there, that I will post about it next.

And with that, we wrapped up a lovely long weekend.  I always love adventuring with friends.