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Fitness Fanatic or Lush? Eh… Same Difference…

I toyed once before on this blog with the idea of doing the Willamette Valley Wine Country Half Marathon. It is in the Willamette Valley and after you finish the half marathon, there is a wine tasting at the finish line. It sounds like my kind of competitive exercise! Something with a real incentive to finish quickly! Why race for a medal when you can have a souvenir logo Riedel glass – with WINE IN IT!

Well, during a discussion with a friend and a few other women last weekend, I mentioned that the Wine Country Half Marathon would be one I would be interested in doing someday. You would have thought I suggested that we do an Ironman Competition across the Sahara desert during the height of summer with no water. My friend’s friend seemed shocked and more than a little disappointed that I would even suggest – GASP! – drinking wine after walking 13.1 miles. I really think it was all she could do to hold back from giving me a stern lecture on my clearly irresponsible lifestyle. Mind you, I didn’t suggest drinking ONLY wine after the race. I’m as aware as anybody of the need to rehydrate after working out. But as long as you drink enough water, I just don’t think that a glass or two of wine is going to do any lasting damage. But apparently there won’t be any convincing this woman that my plan wouldn’t be a certain voyage to an early grave.

Lesson learned – I won’t be bringing up any “St. Patty’s Day with Green Beer at the End Fun Runs” up with this gal any time soon. But geez, there’s something to be said for having a bit of fun. Maybe next time I see her, I’ll mention that sometimes I drink wine the same day I donate blood. Can’t wait to see the reaction I get from that one! I know, Mom, I’m evil. I just can’t help it.