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Puzzle Thoughts

Last weekend at the cabin, I spent a lot of time working on a puzzle.  I was able to finish it that weekend with help from Lelani and Laura.  It got me thinking about perspective.  When you are working on a puzzle, sometimes you just need to step away from it for a bit, or look at it from a different angle.  Move around to the other side.  Don’t give up; just keep trying, but take a break before getting back to it.  It lets you see something you couldn’t see before.

I think my puzzle perspective is applicable in career and life too.  I have a few things going on in my life that require patience, and not knowing, and having faith that things will work out for the best.  I’ll have to take my own advice, sit back and get a new perspective.

It’s been four weeks since my surgery, and thankfully last week’s snow is gone so I can get out of the house!  I’m not ordinarily bothered by walking if there is snow, but snow, ice and my big hill combined were a bit more than I could manage while I’m still healing.  Good thing I was able to work from home!  I did head out for some short excursions to the bottom of the hill, and definitely felt it on the way back up!

I still get tired if I exert myself too much, so I’m working on stamina.  Besides that, it just bothers me when my clothes rub on my incision.  Which is pretty much constant, but mostly just an annoyance.  I’m still not supposed to lift more than 15 pounds…  I can’t carry tubs of yard debris, so I have to make a lot of little trips.  No pushing wheelbarrows…  No vacuuming or raking…  No lifting bags of horse feed…  No core exercises…  Healing seems to be a lot of don’ts…  I can’t wait until I get cleared to do my regular routine!

Healing clearly gives me a lot of time to think!


Two Weeks of Healing

It’s been 15 days today since my surgery…  I’m healing…

I have definitely lost the brain fog of the anesthesia, but I’m still uncomfortable enough that I don’t sleep great.  I don’t sleep terribly, but it isn’t generally that “dead to the world” deep sleep that leaves us feeling so refreshed.  I’m hoping to get more of that.  Of course, days of high winds don’t help.  I never sleep well in the wind…

Most of the time I just feel a fairly low level discomfort in my belly.  Having my clothes rubbing on my skin is irritating.  Sneezing hurts.  Coughing hurts…  I really don’t want to catch a cold…  Sunday I felt some pretty severe nerve pain.  It was inside my tissues, not outside on my skin, but I can only describe it as a really bad sunburn inside, and then having someone rub it with sandpaper.  Ouch…  I took one of the good drugs that night.

And let’s talk drugs for a minute.  I mean, I am not dismissing the opioid epidemic and all that, but it has made it so nice, average, non-addicted people like me can’t even get a painkiller now and again without being made to feel like we are drug-seeking.  I was prescribed 15 pills of the lowest dose oxycodone when I was discharged from the hospital.  The dosing is 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours for pain.  If I actually took them as prescribed, but at the high end of the dosage, I would have been done with the pills in slightly over 1 day.  1 day.  That’s all you get of the heavy-duty painkillers for a major abdominal surgery.

At my one-week check with my doctor she asked me how the pain was and I mentioned that I had been taking one pill to get to sleep at night.  She made a comment about how I really ought to be moving away from taking them.  I had literally taken 7 pills…  I know I have a really high pain tolerance.  What about some poor soul who doesn’t?  The system is broken when this is what it comes down to.

I’m back working from home now too; it’s nice to have a job that can accommodate that when I need it.  It allows me to work a bit and then rest, move around and maybe take a nap.  It is definitely easier than having to be back in the office, especially since I can’t wear pants with buttons…

I’m getting there!  And I’d rather be here…

Rainier in View

Circus Trip 2018: In the Land of Lincoln

This morning I am in Springfield, Illinois.  I have been touring some of the Lincoln sites for the last two days, and loving it!  I did throw in a Frank Lloyd Wright house too, for good measure – it was really cool!  I am so enjoying this!

The last couple days have been hot, hot, hot – temps at 90 with high humidity, but it’s been ok.  It did mean I set up the tent because the car would have been too hot!  I have been serenaded with a cacophony of cicadas, and the birds start up about 5 am.  My earplugs come in handy!

My view on 8/6/2018 – Springfield, Illinois

Yesterday I visited Lincoln’s tomb, which is one place I didn’t get to on my only other trip to Springfield.  It was humbling to stand where Lincoln is buried (safe from the graverobbers now…).  Of course, I had to rub his nose for good luck!  I made a wish, but I can’t tell you, or then it won’t come true!

Who wouldn’t want to rub his nose for luck!? I made a wish…

I’m off to see some more sights – just wanted to update everybody on my progress!