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Michigan Wines, Round One

After my birthday dinner out on our Michigan trip (Cracker Barrel! – although I do like Cracker Barrel, he still owes me a real birthday dinner), Jon and I stopped at the local Meijer in Jackson, Michigan to sample a few Michigan wines.  We picked a red and a white that we hadn’t heard of before, with no research on the wineries, the wines, or the reviews of them.  Jon chose a red – and I chose a white.

We got back to the hotel and busted out the corkscrew that lives in our suitcase and broke out the hotel plastic cups.  We didn’t do this officially – as in taste the white wine before the heavier red.  Jon prefers red wines, so he opened that one first.  The red was a bit of a disappointment, very fruity, not much structure, and it contained an odd fizzy texture.  It was certainly drinkable, but just one of the best wines we have had.  But that’s all I can tell you, because neither of us can remember what the red wine was!

I picked the Grand Traverse Select – Semi Dry Riesling.  At $7.99 for the bottle, it wasn’t going to be a big disappointment if we didn’t like it.  This wine was much better than the red Jon picked.  It has a faint pear nose – it may have more scent than what I was detecting, but remember, I was sampling from a plastic hotel cup.  The mouth-feel is slightly syrupy, which gives way to a pear and golden delicious apple flavor, with a nice amount of acidity.  It wasn’t anything special, but it was certainly a solid pick for a night at home – or in a hotel with a plastic cup!

So there you have it…  Completely unscientific, unprepared and totally random wine tasting.  Get out your plastic cups – you know you want to!