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Mi Vida Loca Photo Series, 2

Life has a way of catching up with you sometimes, and getting crazy busy and a bit overwhelming. So while I devote some attention to it over the next few weeks, I am going to share a few photos of the adventures over the last several months that I haven’t had a chance to post about.

Me with the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, March 2018

California Road Trip: Getting to San Francisco in One Piece

After visiting Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park, we got on the road to head into San Francisco.  It was a bit of a rough and tumble (literally!) drive!  We were driving along on the freeway and Jon had moved out of the left lane to allow an SUV to pass us.  It had two bikes on a bike rack in the back.  And then it didn’t!  One of the bikes fell off the rack right into the middle of the freeway lane!  Fortunately, there was nobody (especially us!) in the lane behind them, and the bike bounced a couple of times and landed mostly over on the shoulder of the fast lane.  Ouch – that’s a pricey mistake!  I’m not sure how you would get your bike back.

We were feeling especially lucky that we hadn’t gotten into a wreck with a large bicycle, so the rest of the heavy traffic heading into San Francisco seemed like a breeze.  It was slow going on the Golden Gate Bridge, which allowed me to get some nice shots of the bridge supports from the sunroof as we passed underneath it.

Pirate Ships on San Francisco Bay

Pirate Ships on San Francisco Bay

Golden Gate Bridge from the Sunroof of the Car

Golden Gate Bridge from the Sunroof of the Car

We got into San Francisco at about 4 and got checked into the hotel – we stayed at the Baldwin Hotel, a historic hotel in Union Square.  It is no frills, but close to everything and a great value for the big city.  After checking in, Jon’s first order of business was a visit to the Rasputin music store.  He could spend days in there, but I finally had to pull him away so we could have some dinner – I really can’t complain though, because I found a couple of classic movies that I have never seen for a good price.  Then we got a quick bite to eat at a floating conveyor belt sushi place in Chinatown.  The sushi was average, but it was quick and hit the spot.

The Lion at the Gate to China Town - San Francisco

The Lion at the Gate to China Town – San Francisco

After dinner, we went to the Rouge et Blanc Wine Bar on Grant Avenue across the street from the hotel.  This wine bar has an EXTENSIVE wine list.  There are A LOT (maybe 50?) wines you can get by the glass, and hundreds more available by the bottle.  Interestingly, there website says that they have 60 selections, but I’m not sure if they are just talking about wines by the glass.  There seemed to be many more than 60 bottle offerings.  They have wine from every part of the world represented.  Per glass prices range from $7 to $17, and they had some happy hour specials too.  They also have beer, hard liquor, and the wine bar does double duty as a coffee shop during the day.

My Beaucanon Estate Sauvignon Blanc at Rouge & Blanc Wine Bar

My Beaucanon Estate Sauvignon Blanc at Rouge et Blanc Wine Bar

After perusing the menu for awhile and getting some fantastic suggestions from the server, I settled on a 2010 Beaucanon Estate Sauvignon Blanc from Napa, and Jon had a 2011 À Côté Chardonnay from Santa Barbara.  We were both very pleased with our choices, and the comfortable couches and bold artwork were a great way to relax away the rest of the evening.

Jon and Me at the Rouge & Blanc Wine Bar - San Francisco

Jon and Me at the Rouge et Blanc Wine Bar – San Francisco