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Will Walk for Cider!

It was a long week.  A long week at work, and some late evenings too.  Last night after work, I took a walk with my friend; we walked to dinner and had pizza and strawberry rhubarb hard cider.  It was so delicious and so very needed.

Happy Friday!  It’s the weekend!


2018 Wine Walk

My life isn’t all vacations and rainbows – believe it or not, mostly it isn’t.  As such, even though it doesn’t always appear in the pages of this blog, I spend a fair bit of time around home.  Work, yard work, chores, and of course, planning and saving for the next vacation.

I missed the Wine Walk last year because I was in Hawaii (yea, yea, I know you don’t feel bad for me…) – so I was excited to go this year!

Me – Pre-Walk

The event is put on by our Downtown Partnership, who coordinate all the participating shops and wineries – they do a fantastic job.  I met Shelley downtown and we had a blast!  You get your little tasting cup and tickets, and wander all over downtown for wine and snacks at the various participating shops.  There were several other friends wandering around, so we stopped to chat here and there when we ran into people we knew.

Shelley and me with the town flag

(Note: Yes, our town has its own flag.  I think it is a hippie thing.  Or is it a hipster thing?  Either way – it seems weird, but why not do flag selfies!?)

Several Washington wineries participate and get big exposure in a few short hours!  Our local co-op grocery store did an awesome spread of healthy snacks, including veggies with hummus, Greek olives and dolmathes.  As it turned out, Shelley had never had dolmathes.  I said, “Just put it in your mouth.  Trust me – you won’t regret it.”  She didn’t regret it!

All the little shops had their pretties for sale, but I was good and didn’t buy anything, except one bottle of white wine.  I was tempted, but I am trying to save money…  We stopped in at the Cajun restaurant for a late snack, before heading home.

My favorite wine was the Rosé by Eternal Wines in Walla Walla – it was so delicious and perfect for summer!  So, even at home, I try to have some fun!


A Crafty Cocktail

A few weekends ago, I went out to a relatively new cocktail bar with some girlfriends.  It was my second time there (the first time was for Valentine’s Day).  I ordered one of the same drinks I had ordered previously, because it was just sooooo good!  Meet the Valentine’s Elixir – made with Blackberry Infused Bourbon, Passionfruit, Honey and Lemon.  I’ve never thought of myself as remotely a bourbon drinker, but if you fancy it up I can get behind it!

And as usual, photos are required – my cocktail is the one on the left.

If you have a chance to make it to Galloway’s Cocktail Bar, you won’t be disappointed!  Happy Monday!



San Diego 2016: Put Your Dancing Shoes On!

Day 1: April 23, 2016

My friend turned 50 on the day that we got to San Diego. And she wanted to go dancing. So after we finished up at Cabrillo National Monument, we headed to where any self-respecting birthday girl would want to go to start a birthday off right. Happy Hour! We went to happy hour at the hotel, which had good drinks, but the service was terrible! We did much philosophizing, and much laughing, and much getting tipsy. And there was a shot for the birthday girl in there too…

Then we headed back to the room for the briefest of naps, got gussied up and headed out on the town. A recommendation from the hotel led us to a Mexican restaurant called Baja Betty’s in the gay district of San Diego, with good food and a lively atmosphere. Our birthday girl was the center of attention with her sash, her tiara, and later, her balloon hat! Margaritas and shots of tequila may have been consumed…

An Uber ride later and we were at the Hard Rock Hotel, ready to dance the night away. We had been told there would be 80s music, and we were the ones who got everybody out on the dance floor, but the DJ was terrible! Even though almost everyone was requesting 80s music (not just us!) he refused to play any! We had to make do with the bumping rap preferences of the crappy DJ… We still had fun, but it would have been better with good music.

Of course, there’s a bit more that I can’t tell you, because what happens in San Diego stays there too! Don’t worry, it was all very PG – but I promised my friends… 🙂

It was certainly the latest I have been out in a long time, and we fell into bed at close to 2 am, after having been awake for almost all of the previous 24 hours.  I felt like we had certainly made the most of our day!