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Book Review: Dark Places

Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn

I’ve read other books by Gillian Flynn, so when I noticed that this one was available at the library website, I decided to check it out.

Libby is a woman in her early thirties, trying to escape her past.  When she was 7, she was the survivor of the murder of her mother and two sisters; her 15-year-old brother was convicted of the crime.  Libby heard her brother in the house that night, even though he told police he was not at home.

Dark Places

The sympathy money that has kept her going all these years has finally run out, and Libby is forced to accept the fact that she is broke and in need of a job.  She receives an offer to appear at The Kill Club, an unfortunately named convention of sorts, where amateur sleuths convene to swap tips and try to solve their favorite cold case murders.  Libby learns that there is a significant group of followers who believe that her brother is innocent.  But why?

Led along by the small sums of cash offered by the group, she agrees to meet with her brother for the first time in almost 25 years, and begins to harbor a nagging doubt that her brother murdered her family.  What if Libby’s testimony was wrong?  She had to find out the truth…

As is the case with all of Flynn’s books, the reader is taken on a roller-coaster ride of ever-changing facts, opinions and realities.  As she weaves in the stories of Libby, her mother and her brother, both then and now, the reader begins to realize that nothing is as it seems.  A well-planned thriller that kept my interest, if not somewhat unbelievable in the end…

3 stars.

Book Review: Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects was a novel that I chose from the library’s website, simply based on the author.  You have probably heard of Gillian Flynn; she wrote Gone Girl, which became an international bestseller and was turned into a movie.  I read Gone Girl a couple of years ago and thought it was pretty interesting, so I decided to check this one out!

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is the story of Camille, a young woman who grew up in small town Missouri and moved to Chicago the first chance she had to escape a dysfunctional family.  She was one of the lucky ones it seems.  Camille is sent home by her newspaper editor to cover an unsolved serial murder with very few leads.  In order to dig up information for her story, she has to interact with the family and friends she has left behind, who have never really changed.

Camille stays with her mother and stepfather, and is subjected to the strange way her mother has of attempting to control her, even though she is now 30.  And she gets to know her strange, self-absorbed 13 year old stepsister, who was a toddler when Camille was last living at home.  Let’s just say there’s a lot of creepy in that family…

There are a series of twists and turns as Camille befriends the FBI agent on the case, and confronts her alcoholism and mental illness along the way.  You might think you know how the book will turn out, but don’t be so sure…

4 stars.