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Astoria Weekend: Lewis and Clark!

Day 2, Saturday, May 25, 2019

Astoria, Oregon

After visiting Seaside, we decided to head over to the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.  I have visited before, but Jeff and the kids had never been there.

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery spent the winter 1805-1806 here in this approximate location; they named their camp Fort Clatsop.  When the expedition left the West Coast in the spring of 1806, they gave Fort Clatsop’s structures to the local Native Americans and the fort was eventually reclaimed by nature. A replica was built when the site was designated as a National Historical Park in 1958, but sadly it burned in 2006; a replacement was built in 2007. The replica is thought to be historically accurate, having been built from sketches and descriptions that Lewis drew in his journals.

We checked out the museum in the Visitor’s Center, with its artifacts.  Beaver hats and pelts, a Coastal tribe canoe, grasses and foods that the Native Americans in the area used, as well as historic muskets and examples of clothing that the expedition members would have worn.  It is always interesting to revisit a place.  We also checked out Fort Clatsop, and the kids enjoyed exploring it.  There wasn’t much space for 30 people to spend a cold, rainy winter!  Jeff and I enjoyed wandering and following after the kids, relaxing and reading the signs.

The kids did the Junior Ranger program and got their badges; just in the nick of time too, because it started raining pretty hard!  I didn’t really take many photos since I had visited there before, and apparently I was more into taking selfies!  For more about the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, see my previous post.

That afternoon we went to the Fort George Brewery for pizza and some beer; while we were waiting for a table we checked out some of the nearby shops in downtown Astoria.  The pizza was delicious, and everybody was happy!  Jeff and I tried a couple different beers, it was nice to do some sampling and see what we liked.

Nearby to Fort George Brewery is the Reveille Ciderworks; one day I’ll visit there and try their ciders!  It just wasn’t in the cards that day because the kids were more interested in pizza than some of the “weird food” they have at food trucks.  Traveling with kids is a change of scenery for me!  That said, I was still able to get a couple of oyster shooters at Fort George – nobody else wanted any – it was so strange because they are so delicious!



Astoria 2016 – The First Days…

I needed a trip to get back on the solo travel horse.  It had been while since I had traveled by myself, but my new reality is that I won’t always have someone to travel with, and if I want to keep traveling, I knew I had better get used to doing it by myself again.

I booked a long weekend trip to Astoria, Oregon in November, 2016.  Close enough to drive to, in case I decided I really wanted to come home early.  Far enough away that it wouldn’t be too easy to come home early…

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I headed out mid-morning on Thursday, for the long drive.  Traffic wasn’t too bad and I made it to Astoria about 3 pm, enough time to do just a little touristing before the light faded for the day.  I headed out to Fort Stevens State Park, to walk on the beach and see the Peter Iredale.  I have blogged about the Peter Iredale before, but this trip I had more time to walk along the beach and enjoy the ocean.  The tension of the long car ride melted away as I walked along the beach.  It was too cloudy to catch a beautiful sunset, but it wasn’t raining, and it was warm!  Certainly more than one can typically hope for on a November Northwest day.

I checked into my hotel and discovered it was just a short walk away from the pier where the sea lions like to hang out!  It was dark when I got there that first evening, but I could definitely hear them!  I know some people think they are loud and a nuisance, but I was excited about the idea of waking up to their barks in the morning!

Dinner was at the Rogue Brewery in Astoria.  I walked there from the hotel and parked myself at the bar.  I had the Sriracha Tacos and the Fruit Salad Cider, which is made with Rogue Farms Cherries, Rogue Farms Plums, Apples, Pears, Marionberries, Peaches & Apricots; Pacman Yeast – they pack a lot in there!  I also had a schooner sized Chocolate Stout.  I chatted with some Canadians who were making their way back up north, and got hit on by a drunken guy almost 20 years my junior.  Thankfully, the bartender seemed ready to intervene on that one if needed…

A good night all in all, capped off by hearing the sea lions barking some more on my way back to the hotel.  I left the window open so I could hear them as I drifted off to sleep…

Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday I slept in; it was a holiday after all!  After a leisurely morning, I headed out into a beautiful late fall day.  Of course, I made a beeline for the sea lions, to check them out in the daylight!  There were so many of them – I spent awhile watching them and taking pictures.

Then I headed downtown, and poked around in the shops and antique stores.  I had no agenda and nowhere to be and it was glorious!

My late lunch was at T Paul’s Urban Cafe.  I had the Hood River salad – grilled chicken breast served over spring greens w/ fresh Anjou pear, fuji apples, candied walnuts, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles & bleu cheese dressing.  Yum!  I had a beer too – just because!  Why not when you are on vacation!

After lunch, I did some more wandering and ended up finding a little thrift shop that had 2 Howard Pierce geese for my collection for $15.  Score!

I wrapped up my afternoon wandering at the Fort George Brewery.  I have been there once before and the beer is awesome!  I ended up having the Seafood Chowder and 2 Willapa Bay oyster shooters, along with an IPA and a Pekko Pale Ale.  Everything I had was delicious!

The rows of windows at the Fort George Brewery!


I also checked out the Albatross & Co., a cocktail bar around the corner.  The drinks were fabulous, and the atmosphere was very eclectic and cool.  I sat on a couch near an electric fireplace – you know the kind with those fake flames.  A great place to end the evening, before heading back to the hotel.

It was a great two days, and I still had two left!


Oregon Coast 2015: Beer, Beach and Beer!

At the end of May Jon and I had the good fortune of going on a weekend camping trip with my family on the Oregon Coast. It was my parents, my brother and sister in law, and my two nieces and nephew. What a fun time!

Jon and I started our drive down in the early afternoon on Friday – he had to work until 1 pm. The traffic was absolutely terrible! What should be a two hour drive turned into four hours and 15 minutes along the notoriously crappy Puget Sound I-5 corridor – YUCK! That meant that we rolled in late for a beer at the Fort George Brewing Company in Astoria, Oregon.

The rows of windows at the Fort George Brewery!

The rows of windows at the Fort George Brewery!

The Fort George Brewing Company is located at the original fort site in Astoria, from when it was founded in 1811.  For years, it served as the primary fur trading post in the Northwest for the Pacific Fur Company.  Obviously, the current building wasn’t there then; the current building was built in 1924 and was originally a service station.  I love when companies re-purpose old buildings and preserve the history!

Jon ate dinner at the brewery, but I had succumbed to hunger hours before and had a fast food dinner on the road. I still had dessert though – in the form of two Willapa Bay oyster shooters – Delicious! I had the Divinity – a Belgian style wheat beer made with berries – and Jon had two; the 3-Way IPA and the Cavatica Stout.

We both enjoyed our beers very much, but we couldn’t linger too long as we still had over an hour of driving in the dark, before we finally reached the campground.

Thankfully, my Dad had set up our tent for us, so all we had to do was arrange our sleeping pads and bags, brush our teeth, and snuggle into bed. Where I promptly froze half to death all night, while watching Jon sleep peacefully next to me. That man can sleep through anything!

The cold night reaffirmed why I’m not a “camper,” because of course, being cold and not sleeping just meant that I lay there thinking about how I needed to go to the bathroom, and then I had to get out of the sleeping bag, get out of the tent, put shoes on, find a flashlight, walk to the bathroom, and go back and repeat the whole process in reverse. Can anybody else relate?  How does this beat a hotel?

But enough about my love of camping…

After a very early morning, vegging out like a zombie with a mug of hot coffee for a while, the morning was spent beach combing with the kids.  We found and picked up a million broken sand dollars and mussel shells, and saw a bunch of these little jelly blobs that looked like the bottom of a soda bottle. Like they had been molded. I still don’t know what they were. My nephew took a face plant in the water and decided that digging in the sand above the waterline was a much more fun option. I can’t blame him – it was a pretty cold morning!

The beach at Nehalem Bay, on a cool, cloudy morning

The beach at Nehalem Bay, on a cool, cloudy morning

The strangest molded jellyfish! Anybody know what this is? There were dozens of them.

The strangest molded jellyfish! Anybody know what this is? There were dozens of them.

Shortly before lunch, Jon and I headed out to explore some of the Oregon coast sights.

A Spotted Towhee (Northwest coast morph) near the beach at Nehalem Bay

A Spotted Towhee (Northwest coast morph) near the beach at Nehalem Bay

Pelican Brewery

We started out with two Netarts oyster shooters each, and we both had elk burgers for lunch at Pelican Brewery – mine was topped with feta – YUM! I had the beer sampler, with six of their regular selections, and my choice of a seventh beer.  I chose the “Meet the Flockers” wheat beer.

Beer Sampler - so many choices!

Beer Sampler – so many choices!

I enjoyed all of them, but my favorites were the Scottish Style Ale and the Brown Ale. Jon enjoyed the Imperial IPA. We sat out on the patio, where the weather had warmed from the morning, and I just let the heat sink into my cold, tired bones (don’t I sound like I’m 80!).

My Netarts Oyster Shooters at Pelican Brewery

My Netarts Oyster Shooters at Pelican Brewery

My Elk Burger at Pelican Brewery - simple and delicious!

My Elk Burger at Pelican Brewery – simple and delicious!

All in all, a great morning of relaxing.  But we weren’t done for the day!