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Chehalem for Christmas

Here we are, the post Christmas return to normal. I finished the shopping, hung out with the families, and had to go back to work this morning after a lovely 4 day weekend. One of the perks of the new job (although I’ve been there almost a year now!) is that we have both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. When they both fall on a weekend, like this year, we get the business day before and after off instead, so we end up with a four day weekend! I really needed a four day weekend. Of course, I’m fighting another sinus infection that continues to wipe me out. My eyes were really puffy for several days last week, making me look like I just got done with a good cry. This is a fairly new symptom with sinus infections for me, and I’m sure I don’t like it. I think I looked like death warmed over, since I’m more pale than I have been in years, due to the lack of a summer this year.

Jon got my big Christmas gift the Monday before Christmas – the 19th. He was so excited about it that he started texting me in the afternoon, asking if we could open presents that night. I hadn’t actually gotten all his presents at that point, so that made things a bit tougher. I said no, he said yes, and it went round and round like that until he sat me down on the couch with a gift bag and would let me get up until I opened it. It was a Kindle! I’m pretty excited about it, but I didn’t have any time to play with it with the flurry that is the week before Christmas. Now that things have settled down, I’ve had the opportunity to download a few books to read.

On Christmas Eve we opened a bottle of the 2008 Chehalem Corral Creek Pinot Noir. 2008 ended up being an excellent year for Willamette Valley Pinots, with the weather cooperating, and a late summer/fall warmth and sunshine that contributed to a bumper crop. As a result this vintage tends to be very reasonably priced – if you can still find it. The Chehalem Corral Creek Pinot is an excellent single vineyard Pinot, with a softness that really showcases what I think a Pinot ought to be. There are raspberry notes, and a light mouthfeel that is perfect anytime. We enjoyed it with veggies, cheeses and dips before dinner, and although Pinots are light wines, it wasn’t overpowered by any of the snacks.

I have yet to meet a Chehalem wine I haven’t loved, but this one is extra special.  If you have a chance, try it!

Warm New Home

So, now that we have moved, and gotten down to some semblance of order in the house, we decided to have a housewarming party.  We scheduled it for Dec. 10, exactly one month after we closed on the home and began moving in.  As with any party around the holidays, we actually scheduled a couple of weeks ago, to give everybody enough time to make plans to come.  I knew it was a tight timeline, but I figured that would give me some incentive to keep working on unpacking and organizing (and it did!)  The party was last weekend, and I hope a good time was had by all.  For me, it was a great opportunity to see friends and family that I haven’t had much of a chance to see during this whole insane moving process.  And it was an opportunity to open some good bottles of wine and enjoy them!  We had two large format bottles that we uncorked, a 2007 Glacial Lake Missoula Deluge(a Cab Sauv, Cab Franc blend) and a 2006 Westrey Pinot Noir.  Both were excellent, and I think everybody enjoyed them thoroughly.  I hadn’t tried the Westrey before, and it was a fine example of what a Willamette Valley Pinot should be – bold and tart, with tastes of cherry and black raspberry.  I will certainly seek out their Pinots again.  We also opened a 2006 Matthews Estate Syrah – their Blackboard edition.  Sumptuous.  One the white side, we enjoyed an Inox Chardonnay by Chehalem, a perennial favorite, and a Carlton Cellars Sauvignon Blanc called Proposal Rock.  My friend Tiffany was extremely disappointed that the Proposal Rock was a bottle we picked up on a trip in Oregon – I think she was very tempted to steal the bottle.  Who could blame her?  I bought a couple of bottles of that one when we were down in Oregon last, since I liked it so much.

We got to do “the tour” for everybody – who doesn’t love “the tour”?  I think everybody liked the home as much as we do.  And one of  the best parts is that now that we have a real guest room with more than a single bed, we can have more houseguests!  And they can even have their own bathroom!

Now I need to finish organizing the garage and get rid of the remaining piles of cardboard that are waiting to go to the curb.  But that can wait one more day.