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COVID Diaries: Day 328

I’m exhausted.  Like bone tired, even after what I feel like is a good night’s sleep.  I’m burning the candle at both ends because one of my employee positions is vacant, but the work doesn’t slow down, it just falls harder on the two of us who remain. I think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel though, as interviews are Thursday!

There’s a cold front blowing in, well right about now, that’s supposed to bring below-freezing temps, high winds and maybe even snow…  I can’t decide if I want this or not.  The snow part – I definitely know I don’t want the bitter cold and the wind!  I guess it’s fine as long as the power doesn’t go out…  Aforementioned interviews on Thursday and all…

I need a break in a bad way, but the combination of the workload, plus still not being able to go anywhere anyway keeps me trying to buckle down and wait it out. Who else is feeling this way?  Do you have any brilliant ideas to break up the monotony?

Last Friday was two years since my dad died.  Most people don’t remember the day specifically, and I suppose you wouldn’t, but I dreaded it for weeks ahead of time.  I was working, so it wasn’t as hard as I feared, but the days after got progressively harder for some reason that I can’t really explain.  Yesterday was the hardest – low, low energy…  I miss him so much still.

I have an meeting with my financial advisor next week to see how I’m progressing towards my early retirement goals.  After my horse died last March, I put extra money to my retirement fund, because, well, horses are expensive.  I’m excited to find out what that means in terms of the long game.  I literally cannot wait until I can retire!  COVID and lockdown has certainly put that into even sharper focus for me.  I’m ready to really enjoy what I’ve worked hard to build.

COVID Words of Wisdom: “How do you know if a man values you?” You wouldn’t even be questioning it.  –Unknown


Oliver Likes His Feet

Another extremely long and busy week has me exhausted and just chilling with a glass of Pinot.  There will be more posts coming on our Southwest trip soon, I promise, but in the meantime, here’s one of Oliver chillin’.  He sure loves his cat tree.  I just love how he has his little toes all stretched out!


Isn’t he cute? And yes, I finally did remove the tag from the cat tree!

Isn’t he cute? And yes, I finally did remove the tag from the cat tree!



Today was one of those days…  I woke up tired.  Which isn’t that unusual lately, because work has been crushingly busy, but today was I experienced that kind of mind numbing exhaustion that is hard to shake.

It took more effort than usual to get up and going.  Once I did, things were looking up.  Or so I thought…  I went to the restroom at work and realized I had completely forgotten to put on makeup.  Now, I don’t wear much makeup, so maybe it wasn’t that noticeable to everybody else, but I noticed.  I guess the bright side is that I didn’t put makeup on only one eye…

All morning, my brain was in a fog.  I sent emails without the attachments.  I called someone and then forgot why I was calling.  I got halfway to the printer and had forgotten why I had gotten up.  At one point, one of my employees came in and starting asking a question, then stopped when she realized I was just staring blankly at her.  I was so engrossed in whatever I was pondering that it was hard to switch gears (usually I’m pretty good at that).

I printed out a list I needed for an errand I had to run at lunch – then headed out and walked 6 blocks to the store and realized I had forgotten the list.  I had to walk all the way back to get it!  At least I doubled my lunchtime exercise!

The afternoon was much better – my brain started firing on all cylinders and I got some productive work done!

Have you had a day like this?  I’m heading to bed so tomorrow will be better!