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Doolittle’s Goblets

My fellow blogger, The Armchair Sommelier, did an excellent post on The Doolittle Raiders. Tomorrow night, three of the four remaining Raiders will open the bottle of Cognac and toast the final toast. I saw the goblets in 2008 when I visited Dayton and was moved to tears. A must see – I will be watching the live stream tomorrow!

The Armchair Sommelier

I’m a sucker for a war story.  And if it’s a World War II war story . . . pass the tissues.
The Greatest Generation sits on a pedestal in my book.

Last week, I had the opportunity to walk through the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.  I love history, but aviation history . . . meh.  But my son was all fired up about the World War II exhibit.  The things we do for our children.  So I started walking . . .

Old plane.  Old plane.  Big plane.  Little plane.  Plane with dots.  Plane with spots.  Bunch of silver wine goblets.

Wait.  What?  Wine goblets!?  This just got interesting.


I realize they look like handbells from a church choir in this photo.  Stay with me . . .

After trying to coax a decent picture out of my iPhone camera, I spent the…

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