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Martini the Crab… with a UTI?

Martini is a crab this week.  She has been beating up her brothers incessantly.  Plus, the week has been insane.  Not just busy insane, but the kind of week where I think a padded room sounds kinda nice.  Quiet… and peaceful.  I need a break…

Monday: Tini was scheduled for her CBC to see how her blood cell counts are.  I had to be  at work no later than 8:30 to sit on an all day interview panel.  Jon was going to take her, but he ended up having to work.  I had time to get her to the vet, but not take her home afterwards.  So I brought her to the vet, then my parents met me there and took her home so she wouldn’t have to stay there all day.  There are certainly perks to having retired parents – thanks!

Tuesday: I got Tini’s blood work back.  Her counts are excellent!  Even better than 2 weeks ago.  I was pleased.  But when I got home from work, Jon said she had been crying all day and restless.  Then that night, she didn’t want to go to bed.  Hmmm…

Wednesday:  I got up and when I went to clean the litter box, Tini had missed and peed on the little rug we tuck under the front of the box.  This coupled with the crying and the restlessness bought her another trip to the vet, this time with Jon.  They got a urine sample and we find out tomorrow.  I was feeling like a terrible kitty mother… like maybe I was overreacting, but this evening she had another accident on the little rug.

So, if my hunch is correct and she has another urinary tract infection, hopefully she’ll be back to her more cheerful self soon.

And in rare work news… this week I’ve been repeating a new mantra.  “Come to work, do your job, get along with others.”  If only I could get others to follow it.  And if you see me in a padded cell, and I’m sleeping… don’t wake me up, ok?  I need a rest.