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Jacob Williams Winery – Sadie Red

The other day, Jon pulled out a bottle that I had purchased at the Anacortes Wine Festival.  For more on the Festival, click here.  He has been unfortunate enough to be working the graveyard shift lately, so he uncorked this bottle when he got home from his workday at about 7 am.  Since I was just getting ready to head off to work at that time, I wasn’t able to enjoy a glass with him.  I had to wait.  As Jon was not able to go to the wine festival with me, I asked him what he thought of my pick… he told me it wasn’t very good.  However, he was pulling my leg – he loved it!

Jacob Williams Winery is located in Lyle, Washington, along the Columbia River Gorge.  The views along this section of Washington are fantastic, with basalt cliffs looking out over the river gorge.  When Jon and I were last in the area, we considered stopping at Jacob Williams, but didn’t end up having time.  Boy, what a mistake that was!  Next time we will be stopping in for sure!

Sadie Red is a blend of four grapes from six Columbia River Gorge vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc.  It is named after the family’s dog, but this wine is anything but!  It has a light leather on the nose, and on the palate, it opens up to taste of blackberries and black cherry.  This wine has strong tannins and a lot of body, with an alcohol by volume level of 13.6%.  I would be curious to let this bottle age for a period of time.  It needs to soften a bit, but is a fantastic wine.

I enjoyed my second glass the next night, and at this point, the wine had been open 3 days.  The tannins had softened quite a bit, and I liked it even more.  So, my suggestion, decant and give it a day to breathe…

Who Knew Jon Would Be Craving a Rosé…

The recent days of sunny weather put Jon in the mood for more Rosé, so we opened up a bottle of Syncline Wine Cellars 2010 Rosé.  Syncline is a small family owned winery in Lyle, Washington, on the Washington side of the Columbia River, right along the border with Oregon.  We had stopped there for a visit on our 2012 President’s Day Weekend Wine Tour.  For more information on that visit…

The Syncline Wine Cellars owner and winemaker tends toward the science of winemaking, and it is apparent when you read the tasting notes on their website.  It is made in the Saignée style, where the skins remain on the grape for a short period of time to impart some color, but the juice (the must) is drained off before it darkens to the color of a red wine.  Syncline uses a different blend for their Rosé each year, sampling some of the best grapes of the year from around the region.  This year they sourced their fruit from the Columbia River Gorge (Pinot), Horse Heaven Hills (Grenache and Mourvedre), and McKinley Springs (Grenache, Cinsault, Couniose and Carignan).  And throw in a bit of Red Mountain for good measure.

Syncline 2011 Rosé Label - a Different Blend than the 2010

The 2010 Syncline Rosé is a blend of 33% Pinot Nor, 17% Grenache, 17% Cinsault, 15% Carignan, 9% Mourvedre, and 9% Counoise.  Other than the Pinot Noir, these are all relatively rare grape varieties, and all ones that I have really enjoyed in other wines.  This blend  has a melon nose, with bit of grapefruit.  It is a dry wine which has a brief taste of strawberry, but a lingering taste of honeydew and grapefruit.  It has a very dry finish. Jon announced that it is one of the more complex Rosés he has tried.  On a hot day, this wine will really hit the spot.  I recommend it for when you are in the mood for a dry Rosé.