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Book Review: A Little Trouble With The Facts

A Little Trouble With The Facts, by Nina Siegal 

This is one of the CD audiobooks I got from my parents, and I popped it in for my commute.

A Little Trouble with the Facts

Valerie Vane was once the IT girl of the lifestyle reporting world in New York City.  But then she had a rather sudden and public fall from grace, right into the obituary department of the newspaper she worked at.  Valerie of course, wasn’t satisfied writing obituaries, but it was the only way to keep her job…

She writes an obit for a has-been graffiti artist, and her fact checking mistake earns her a call from a mysterious man who calls himself Cabeza.  And Cabeza wants her to dive in and find who murdered the artist.

The book is rather cliché, with a number of twists and turns, but it is an easy to read chick-lit murder mystery.  Even though she doesn’t have a full stack of brain cells, you can’t help but want to see Valerie Vane close the case and get herself off of the obit page.

3 stars.  

Book Review: Anybody Out There?

I don’t remember how I got Anybody Out There?, by Marian Keyes, but I suspect it was part of a book giveaway.  I had recently finished a rather somber disaster book, and wanted something light-hearted.  Cue the chick-lit…

Anybody Out There? (Walsh Family, #4)

Anybody Out There? follows the life of Anna, a young woman in her early thirties, who wakes up injured in her parents’ Dublin, Ireland home, with no recollection of how she got there.  She lives in New York, with her husband, so what’s the deal?  She can’t reach him, and she’s confused by all the people tut-tutting around her without explaining what’s really going on.  Despite the advice of her family, she decides to return to New York and her job, and see if she can find her husband.

Anna tries to put back together the pieces of her life, as the memories of her accident come back over time.  Meanwhile, Anna’s sister back in Ireland regales her with wild and entertaining stories of her life as a private detective, caught up in a case dealing with organized crime.  There’s always the mystery of the pooping dog too!  There are mediums and ridiculous drunken nights, and jobs that make you cringe.

Despite the outward light appearance, this book deals with some tough topics of grief and loss, and the trials of relationships.  Heavy topics, framed in humor.  And some very small print…

3 stars.