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Mornings with Coraline

Cora loves to wake me up in the morning and sit on me until I get up and feed her.  She hates when I go to work.  I think she secretly counts down the days to the weekend too…

Early Mornings

This sweet girl is always asking for breakfast first thing in the morning as soon as she knows I’m awake.  But she also wants attention and sits on my lap in bed, so I feel guilty getting up to give her breakfast.  You just can’t win.

Happy Monday!

National Pet Day!

Today is National Pet Day.  I guess that’s a thing!  So I’ll celebrate.

Cora is one of the sweeties kitties ever – to humans.  She can be a bit of a bully to other cats.  But she loves to snuggle at night, and loves to comfort her people with licks.  She loves to sit in her puff next to the computer when I’m writing.  She also loves to eat – man does she ever love to eat. That’s why she is a little – ahem – round…

I love you Coraline!