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Cute Cora

This cutie hasn’t gotten much airtime since Oliver has been sick, but she should.  Because she is cute, and sweet.  And when I need a boost, she is always there, licking my arm…

My feisty Tortie girl – Coraline

Kitten Contortionist…

Another long week means that I haven’t had time to post.  So I present this cute cell phone photo that I took of Coraline.  That’s Jon’s dresser that she managed to crawl under.  Even though she’s pudgy, she manages to fit in lots of tight spaces…

Coraline Under Jon's Dresser

Coraline Under Jon’s Dresser

It’s almost the weekend!


Coraline loves the Christmas tree.  She loves running under it, running away from it, batting at the ornaments, and lying underneath.  She has mellowed out a bit, as this year there have been no ornament decapitations (knocking on wood now…).

This picture is of Coraline lying underneath the tree, peering out from between the branches.


Coraline peeks from her favorite spot

Coraline peeks from her favorite spot

Christmas will be here before we know it!  Happy Wednesday, Peeps!


Oscar Flips a Bird

Oscar doesn’t typically get top-billing on my blog, because he is more reclusive than the others.  I can’t blame him really; he was found in a garbage dump as an older kitten and didn’t get much socialization until later.  Jon has a soft spot for lost causes, and when he saw Oscar at the no-kill shelter and heard his story, he brought this pretty, young adult boy home.

Oscar promptly crawled under the bed and spent most of the next year there.  When Jon and I met and married, and blended our kitty family, I think Oscar started to realize that people aren’t quite so scary.  And he learned how to play!  Oscar will probably never be a lap cat, but he does beg for pets, on his own terms.

And if you see him sleeping on the bed, don’t disturb him, or he will give you a dirty look and flip you the bird!

Oscar says, "Don't Mess with Me..."

Oscar says, “Don’t Mess with Me…”

Warm Kitty, Fuzzy Kitty

It has been so cold this week!  I know some of you are dealing with temperatures far colder than we are, but for me, these temps in the 20s and 30s are brutal!  So to keep warm, I give you these photos of my warm, fuzzy kitty.

Coraline loves her feather toy

Coraline loves her feather toy

Coraline is just a wee bit pudgy

Coraline is just a wee bit pudgy

Bundle up Peeps!  It is almost the weekend!

Oliver and the Wall

Oliver has developed two new fascinations lately.

He LOVES the new diet cat food that Coraline is eating.  Yep, she’s chubby, he’s not, but he goes Cuckoo for diet food Cocoa Puffs!

And his second fascination?  This spot on the wall.  I can’t find a bug there, or any light reflection.  Nope, it is just a blank wall.  But he will get on the back of the armchair and stare at it…  Several times a week!  Perhaps he’s found a ghost…

Ollie Found a Ghost

Ollie Found a Ghost