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Early Mornings

This sweet girl is always asking for breakfast first thing in the morning as soon as she knows I’m awake.  But she also wants attention and sits on my lap in bed, so I feel guilty getting up to give her breakfast.  You just can’t win.

Happy Monday!


Cora Waking

I snapped these photos of Cora last week – I love the rays of morning sunshine streaming in the window on her.  She is such a pretty cat!


Oscar’s Puff

I was going through photos last night and came across this one that I took last summer.  Oscar, a couple of months before he died.  He loved to sleep in this puff, and in the last months of his life he would sleep next to me while I worked on the computer.  Don’t touch those toe beans though!

Oscar, July 2017

I miss this guy.  He wasn’t ever a cuddler, but he certainly showed his affection in his own way.