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Marina Seals

Work has settled down, but it was still a busy week because a good friend of mine was in town!  I hope that soon I will have the time for proper posts, and to get caught up on my recent adventures.  But for now, here’s a quick pic.

I was down at a work meeting in August in Everett, Washington, and the hotel I was staying at was right on the water.  I went for a walk at the marina in the morning, and was blessed to see this mama seal and her pup, hanging out.  They were so close, and as you can see, she was as curious about me as I was about them!  What a treat!


It just goes to show you, sometimes you don’t have to venture far to see something amazing.  Happy weekend everybody!


Merry Christmas!

I hope that everybody had a Merry Christmas and stuffed their faces silly with lots of high calorie foods and fantastic wine.  I know I did!  Over two days, we had prime rib, ham, mashed potatoes, au gratin potatoes, kale salad, squash salad, roasted beets, rolls, trifle, and red velvet cake (I know I’m leaving some things out…).  I also enjoyed sparkling Riesling, Picpoul Blanc, Merlot, apple cider, more apple cider and a taste of Zinfandel.  Not to mention fun with family, the glow of Christmas trees all lit up with sparkling ornaments, warm babies and warm cats snuggled on my lap (even at the same time!), and some lovely thoughtful gifts received and shared.  To top it all off, it wasn’t raining on the Pacific Northwest, and Jon and I enjoyed a nice hike at one of Washington’s National Historic Sites with his dad, brother and sister.  The views of the ocean and the farmlands of Island County at Ebey’s Landing National Historic Site were amazing, and unobscured by the clouds that are all too typical this time of year.

My thoughts go out to everybody who is struggling with illness or loss, or is experiencing the full force of mother nature, like my family in Michigan who are without power during an ice storm.  I am thinking of you all.  Even though I’m a day late, I want to wish a heartfelt Merry Christmas to all.  I am truly blessed.