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Slowing Down…

This dear boy had a hard night the other night.  He wasn’t waiting at the door when I got home and I found him sleeping hard in a closet where he rarely goes.

He only ate a little dinner and then was in some pain, although he did settle down on my bed and slept peacefully all night.

It was a fretful night for me, but the next day he seemed better.

You can see how large his tumor has gotten in the photo.  It is the hump he sports on his right shoulder…  It is growing quickly, and I can only imagine it is infiltrating his heart and lungs.

Oliver’s Hump

Thankfully, he is usually doing well, purring and eating and thumping his little sister when he is tired of her bothering him.

I’ll take all the time I can get with him.


Rain, Rain, Go Away…

We have had several days of rain this week, and it is raining tonight.  So perhaps a picture of Oscar and Coraline lying in the sunspot will coax the sun out again.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Oscar (left) and Coraline (right) taking in some rays

Oscar (left) and Coraline (right) taking in some rays