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Vet’s Day Weekend 2017: Annapolis Wander

Day 3, Friday, November 10, 2017

The next morning, I slept in, and then headed back to Chick and Ruth’s Delly for another fantastic breakfast, with another mimosa – I mean, hey, when you are on vacation!  I was seated with a young couple – the guy was from Tennessee and the girl was from New Jersey – young love!  We talked a bit about travel and champagne vs. sparkling wine (they were having mimosas too).  I couldn’t linger too long though, both because the restaurant wanted to turn the table over, and because I was moving that day, in order to spend a couple days in Washington D.C.  I have been waiting so long to see D.C.!

Chick and Ruth’s Delly

After breakfast, I wandered around Annapolis and checked out the beautiful historic buildings.

The Maryland State House is the oldest U.S. state capitol in continuous legislative use; it was built between 1772 and 1797 (progress was slow due to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War).  The building was designed by Joseph Horatio Anderson and is made in the Georgian style, and has a beautiful wooden dome on top.

The Old Treasury Building is the oldest public building in Annapolis, built between 1735 and 1736 for the commissioners who issued the colony’s first paper money.  It was originally known as the Paper Currency Office (catchy name right?); it got its Treasury Building name in the 1780s.  Currently it is being renovated; it would be interesting to go back and see inside!

The Annapolis Treasury Building

I checked out the Annapolis National Cemetery.  I love to just wander around cemeteries; they are peaceful.  I also tried to find the Naval Cemetery on the Naval Academy grounds.  It is open to the public, but when I inquired at the gate where I thought it was supposed to be, she directed me to another gate.  Upon finding the other gate (somehow not an easy task), I was directed back to the first gate I had been at!  Sigh…  The customer service there left a bit to be desired, and at that point I gave up.  Not everything on road trips is successful…

Annapolis National Cemetery

I drove to D.C. and spent some time checking out embassy row on the way.  Those old buildings are fantastic, and so unique!  Each one is different.

I stayed at a Marriott in Chevy Chase, Maryland, just on the outskirts of D.C. and very convenient to the metro line.  That evening I wandered up to a restaurant called Chatter.  It has a sports bar type theme, but the food was a mix of bar type food and fine dining.  I had a delicious seared Red Snapper with rice and broccolini, and a Champagne Bliss cocktail, with elderflower liqueur and a lemon twist.

The walls at Chatter were covered in sports memorabilia; the restaurant has a radio booth too.  Apparently a sportscaster named Tony Kornheiser broadcasts his show from the booth in the restaurant.  Being the wildly enthusiastic sports fan (cough cough) that I am, I had no idea who he was.

After dinner it was back home to the hotel for an early bedtime – I had a big day tomorrow.  I was going to the Mall!