All’s Well in This Brain!

I had my appointment with the neurologist last Thursday. We talked about my symptoms, he did a bunch of physical tests to see how my body and brain react, and reviewed my MRI results.

His conclusion? My aphasia was a rare, weird migraine symptom, perhaps brought on by the stress I have been under. He says the small meningiomas are mostly not touching my brain, so it’s not likely they are doing anything but hanging out. And the finding of mild white matter disease? He says that isn’t anything that looks unusual at all and one area that they noted is actually a blood vessel.

So all of that was a HUGE RELIEF. I’ll be annoying y’all with my chatter for decades to come. And now that I can finally let that stress go and focus on exercising and relaxing!


6 thoughts on “All’s Well in This Brain!

  1. Absolutely, what a huge relief for you. I am so pleased you had such an upbeat assessment and can now get on with the rest of your life. There’s so many places to go, and so many people to meet and so many books to read, all the best.

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