Welcome 47!

Yesterday was my birthday!  It was memorable, but probably not in a way that you would expect.

I had a dentist appointment in the morning; a deep clean with numbing gel and novocaine.  Ouch…  AND!  I get to go back again!  Whee!!!

Then I headed into work for a whirlwind day.  Lunch with a friend – that was good!  

Then I finished out the day with a board meeting at 5 pm; that lasted FOUR hours…  The meeting ended just after 9 pm.  I had a few things left to do so I headed home at 9:30.  With stopping for a bite to eat and then stopping for gas, I finally arrived home after 11 pm.  To discover that I didn’t have my phone. 

I still can’t find it.  After looking around in the car, going through the garbage, heading back to the gas station to see if I left it… Nothing…  I really felt like I had it in my car, but I’m really hoping I’ll find it in my office tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed…  I finally tumbled into bed at 12:30 am, and couldn’t sleep.  It was probably close to 1:30 am by the time I fell asleep.  What an awesome birthday, right?!?

But it does get better.  Because remember I said I had a few things to do after my board meeting ended? Well…  I quit my job!  Yep!  I submitted my resignation, and I’ll be done in a couple of weeks.  It’s exciting and scary and I’m sad for all the great people I’m leaving behind.  But I’m ready for new beginnings.

Onward to something new!


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