Happy Birthday Dad

Today is the fourth birthday since we lost my Dad.  I miss him. 

Dad and me in Michigan

Today I’m having a quiet day after being rather social this week.  Thursday night I went to a Blues, Brews, BBQ with some friends.  I’m not sure why it was named that because the music, while good, was an 80s cover band and not blues music.  And while they served beer at the bar, there wasn’t anything particularly brewsy.  There was BBQ there though, and it was good!  It was more extroverting than I have done in a long while, running into a few people I’ve met and worked with over the years. 

Last night I went for happy hour and dinner with some girlfriends, which was fun!  In true me fashion, afterwards I went to the book store and spent the last of my gift card on a Presidential history book and was home by 7.  And falling asleep before 9:30.  What can I say.

Later today, I’m getting together with a friend to go rock hounding at a nearby state park.  Hopefully I find some good ones!

Work has been rough lately.  It is not bringing me joy and the things that could turn it around are out of my control.  I’m biding my time, because big changes are coming, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is draining…  I’m exhausted.  I wish I had Dad to talk to about this stuff, as he usually had pretty good advice.  

“Speak, even when your voice shakes.”  That moment is coming soon.

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