The Light and the Tunnel

In another 17 days, my life will be considerably less stressful.  It will be the end of a major project towards achieving my long-term goals.  I’m still too mired in the thick of it to feel relaxed enough to celebrate my success, but soon!

I am just trying to keep chipping away at the tasks.  Day after day, one task at a time.  It hasn’t been easy, certainly.  But it will be worth it.  And it has probably been made easier by the fact that the weather has pretty much sucked for any sort of leisure activities, so at least I don’t often feel like I’m missing out when I spend the weekend working.

I’m ready to take a breather.  I’m ready to have some time to relax.  I’m ready for a vacation!  But first I need to get through this last final push.  I can do this!

4 thoughts on “The Light and the Tunnel

  1. You are amazing indeed and you got this! I can’t wait until you reach the other side pf this challenge and put it all behind you! Woo-hoo, you go girl!

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