COVID Diaries: Day 707

I got home late Monday night from two weeks on vacation in Minnesota.  It was a much needed respite, and yet so very cold!

Getting home on Monday wasn’t easy though.  There was a winter storm warning in Minnesota that was due to bring 14 inches of snow.  Thankfully the snow came later and it wasn’t bad getting to the airport.  My first flight was great!  My second flight was canceled due to high winds.  I ended up taking the shuttle bus home, but my bags didn’t come with me.  I got one bag back last night and my second got home today.  And all the Minnesota cider I had nestled into it survived!   

Unfortunately, I got home to a cold snap so encountered temps of 25 degrees and black ice on my commute, making for a treacherous drive on Tuesday.  But the sun is out!  And it warmed up to 44 this afternoon, making it much warmer than Minnesota now.

It was so nice to have a getaway, but it just reminded me how much I want to go on a long road trip again!  But probably not in the dead of winter.  Well, maybe in the dead of winter in the south.  At any rate, a road trip is on my mind.  Hopefully soon.

My vacation was spent doing many cold weather activities.  Hiking, snow shoeing, visiting an ice castle and an ice maze, ice fishing, frozen waterfalls and other fun winter activities!  I had a great time, but didn’t always stay warm!  In the evenings, I got to work on a puzzle, watch movies, play games or just read. 

In other news, my state’s Governor finally announced that he would lift our mask mandate no later than March 21, long after most other states.  So that may mean that the COVID Diaries may finally come to an end, and it will be time to have a new “thoughts on life” series.  One can only hope.  Stay tuned! 

6 thoughts on “COVID Diaries: Day 707

  1. IDK if you are following my blogs or not but I can give you some advice re visiting the South in winter. You would laugh at the way they respond to snow, even a little in comparison to what you’re used to. You probably also would not be able to get around because snowfall is often accompanied by gridlock and shutdown.
    I am personally a So Cal weather wimp who just returned from a wedding in southern OR. I had planned to visit my friends up there last month, before the wedding, but both of my flights were cancelled, probably more due to effects of Covid than weather.
    These are addresses for my two blogs. I think we have some shared interests and experiences.

    • I do follow your wordpress blog, but haven’t had much time to do a lot of reading lately. I have always enjoyed what you write and it does seem very much like we enjoy some common interests. I’m sorry to see that you recently lost your mother. Hugs.

      The Pacific Northwest also experiences the total gridlock and shutdown anytime there is snow, although I think it is more attributed to the fact that our coastal cities are built on hills, and that makes for a more treacherous driving experience. The freeze/thaw cycles that we get also make for more black ice and compact ice under snow than other places, I suspect. No matter what way you look at it, it’s rough!

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