Book Review: Missing 411: Off the Grid

Missing 411: Off the Grid, by David Paulides

I love these books; he has a whole series of them, and even a movie.  Not because I believe in his quirky Bigfoot, alien abduction theories, but because he compiles details of missing people who have disappeared in wilderness areas.  As I dream of a second career as a successful sleuth, who goes back-country hiking in my free time, I find these cases so interesting.  He combines the details of the case, some of them being decades old, and interesting descriptions of wilderness areas all across the U.S.

Missing 411: Off the Grid

Paulides ties his missing persons cases to a pattern, including the fact that they are mostly men, generally disappear in wilderness areas, disappear in bad weather, and disappear near water.  He also ties his cases to specific hotspots, where a large number of cases crop up over time.  And although I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusions, I do agree that these cases are often puzzling and mysterious.  Of course, there are always going to be some number of missing persons cases that are unusual, and I tend to believe that is why some of these people are never found.  But you can’t deny that some of these cases are downright weird!

Worth the read if you are interested in true crime and missing persons cases.

3 stars.

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