COVID Diaries: Day 557

I cannot tell you how many times I have sat down to write lately and not been able to find the words.  I’ve been exhausted.  I’ve been discouraged.  I’ve been sad and broken.  I’m trying to keep my spirits up, but I’m just tired of the negativity.  It weighs on me.  A friend said something to me the other day that resonated.  “When God is feeling particularly distant, who moved?”  I think it is fair to say that many in the world have moved.  I plan to move the other way. 

The good news of all that is that I have been working on my contingency plans, so I have more flexibility and peace of mind.  It is a good reminder that we cannot change others’ behavior, but we can change how we react to it.  And yes, I do realize that this a little cryptic, but I’m not able to share specifics at the moment.

I am happy that we finally have a new telecommuting policy, so I get to work from home two days a week.  I got to work from home on Thursday!  My first time since mid-July!  I was off on Friday, but I ended up having to log in and do a couple of hours of work.  Which I wouldn’t have done if I had to go into the office.

There was a gorgeous sunrise here on the first day of fall.  I was just leaving for work that morning and I put a couple things in the garbage can before backing my car out of the garage.  And there it was – in all its spectacular hot pink glory.  It was like God knew that I needed a pick me up and delivered one just for me.  There wasn’t an opportunity to catch a photo, but hopefully there will be more like that soon.

Yellow is healing (and forgiving me) after his latest wound closure procedure.  Another full-sedation surgery to cut the wound along a better line of force and then suture and staple it.  The vet explained that Yellow’s wound is against the natural line that promotes healing, so each time they suture or staple in that direction, it has more resistance when he moves and is more likely to pull open.  Creating a better line of force meant that they could align the sutures and staples on the path of less resistance.  But he got sent home with pain pills and a long acting antibiotic shot.  It can’t have been comfortable.  It is still closed though – fingers crossed!  He hasn’t been doing much photogenic posing lately, but Cora was adorable yesterday morning!

A few weekends ago a pretty nasty windstorm took down a lot of small branches and debris in my yard.  The raking season has returned.  Soon I will be buried in fall leaves and yard work that is impossible to keep up on.  Wish me luck.

That also means that puzzle season is back. So far I’ve done two.  Beer caps and butterflies.  What can I say, I have eclectic interests.  Both puzzles came from a puzzle swap with my aunt, uncle and cousin.  I passed along several that I had already done too. It’s always nice to have a new influx of images!  I had a few moments of weakness at the Goodwill on Friday too, and bought four new puzzles!  Honestly, I try not to buy puzzles and books, because I already have too many, but I couldn’t resist.


I need a vacation!


9 thoughts on “COVID Diaries: Day 557

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so rough 😦 These times we live in certainly haven’t been easy. I’m glad you can find some comfort in spectacular sunrises! And of course puzzles! I’ve been working on a few as well. Hope your kitty feels better soon.

    • Thank you. I’m really struggling to understand why people have lost their everlovin’ minds these days… There seems to be so little respect or kindness. So much rudeness. As someone you moved from the west coast to the midwest, I’m sure you can see the difference in how people treat others. It’s always very noticeable to me.

  2. Yes you do need a vacation! Hopefully you had one between when you wrote this and now. I feel you, especially re your work situation and the need to get out of it ASAP! Been there, done that, but I’m sure I had more options available to me at the time than you do now!

    And maybe you, through your posts, have influenced me a bit in a good way, at least from my perspective. What do I mean by that?

    One of your vacation trip posts about DC inspired me to add that as a potential new home base.

    My kids have encouraged me to get a cat of my own. They already have three between the two of them and I am looking forward to meeting the newest addition for the first time at Thanksgiving. She’s been part of the family for over a year now and this will be my first opportunity to finally meet her in the flesh. So far I’ve only seen her talents (like flushing the toilet!) on video.

    Last, and it’s been good for me, I’ve done less puzzling and more writing since moving my mom to hospice.

    • I’m glad things are going well for you! Sadly, I haven’t had any time off since I wrote this. Still need that vacation!

      Cats are wonderful! So lovable and snuggly! Yellow is sitting on my lap as I write this – he has really settled in here.

      I love DC and the area. There is no much history there. Unfortunately, it is such a high cost area and part of my early retirement plan is contingent on selling my home in the high-cost Pacific Northwest and moving someplace with a much lower cost of living.

      I need to get back to doing more writing. It’s been hard to keep up the motivation with as busy as I am during the week. I just want to veg on the weekends. I’m very sorry to hear about your mom.

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