Book Review: The Civil War: Strange and Fascinating Facts

The Civil War: Strange and Fascinating Facts by Burke Davis, has been out for a while, first published in 1960.  But of course, the Civil War has been done for a while too.

The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts

It is a compilation of unique and interesting facts about the war, collected into chapters of similar information.  Want to know about the spies of the war?  You got it.  New technologies, like submarines, machine guns, mines, grenades and hot air balloons?  Yep.  Want to know about the money that was minted by the Confederacy?  Families that were split on both sides of the conflict – there’s a chapter on that too.  There is much, much more among the pages as well.

Some of the stories I had heard before, but many were brand new to me.  They were interesting and well researched.  They add in a touch of humor along with the sadness that goes along with war.

3 stars.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Civil War: Strange and Fascinating Facts

  1. I don’t know if I read this same volume or one very similar to it, but there were definitely a lot of strange stories in there that were very interesting to page through.

    • Lol. After I wrote the review, I realized that I read this same book, and wrote a review on it!, back in 2012. Apparently as interesting as it was, it wasn’t memorable for longer than 8 years…

      • HAHA oh my gosh how funny!! If it helps, I did the same thing with Max Hasting’s “Inferno.” I bought a copy of it at the Churchill War Rooms, started reading it, and was like, “wait, this is all very familiar.” Turns out I had already bought it and read it years ago! Although in my defense, it was listed under a different title in Britain than the US so that’s probably why I got confused!

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